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In the case of a disconnected interface cable where all the receiver inputs are? Capacitor Selection The charge pumps require 0. ICL receivers disable during forced manual powerdown, but not during automatic powerdown see Table 2. This them useless for wake up functions, but the corresponding monitor receiver can be dedicated to this task as shown in Figure 3.

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Gadal INVALID operates in all modes forced or automatic powerdown, or forced onso it is also useful for systems employing manual powerdown circuitry. The specification table lists a minimum of kbps to maintain complete compatibility with competitor data sheets. Small footprint packaging, and the use of small, low value capacitors ensure board space savings as well.

Figure 10 details a transmitter loopback test circuit, and Figure 11 illustrates the loopback test result at kbps. The INVALID output always indicates whether or not a valid RS signal is present at any of the receiver inputs see Table 2giving the user an easy way to determine when the interface block should power down.

In the case of a disconnected interface cable where all the receiver inputs are? External capacitor voltage doubler is connected to this lead. See Table 4 for more information on possible combinations of interconnections. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this speci?

Active low input to shut down transmitters and on-board power supply, to place device in low power mode. Connect the bypass capacitor as close as possible to the IC. All Transmitter Outputs Loaded with 3k? External capacitor voltage inverter is connected to this lead.

If in doubt, use capacitors with a larger nominal value. Guaranteed Minimum Data Rate. In powerdown, supply current drops to 1? ICL receivers disable during forced manual powerdown, but not during automatic powerdown jcl Table 2. All devices guarantee a kbps data rate for full load conditions 3k?

The charge pump, the transmitters, and the receivers. Connect unused inputs to GND for the best performance. In applications that are particularly sensitive to power supply noise, decouple VCC to ground with a capacitor of the same value as the charge-pump capacitor C1.

For other supply voltages refer to Table 3 for capacitor values. Driving EN high disables all the inverting standard receiver outputs placing them in a high impedance state.

This gives the slow-to-wake peripheral circuit time to reestablish valid RS output levels. The already low current requirement drops signi? When no valid RS voltages see Figure 6 are sensed on any receiver input for 30? These devices are to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. The power management logic then uses this indicator to power down the interface block.

This automatic powerdown feature provides additional system power savings without changes to the existing operating system. For the lowest power consumption during powerdown, the receivers should also be disabled by driving the EN input high see next section, and Figures 2 and 3. Figure illustrates a circuit that keeps the ICL32XX from initiating automatic powerdown for ms after powering up. F; Unless Otherwise Speci? Inverting receiver outputs may or may not disable in powerdown; refer to Table 2 for details.

Table 2 summarizes the automatic powerdown functionality. Wide Power Supply Range. Note that the transmitters enable only when the magnitude of the supplies iicl approximately 3V. Nevertheless, if strictly manual control over powerdown is desired, the user must strap FORCEON high to disable the automatic powerdown circuitry.

Do not use values smaller than those listed in Table 3. F bypass capacitor is adequate. Related Posts


ICL 3222 PDF




ICL 3222 PDF




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