M 3. The display briefly shows "diSP Err," and the error rate shows up in the right half of the time counter. The time is bumped over one column to make room for this new info, and the minutes are now diplayed in the hours column. I noticed that on XTs and XT20s, if your tapes are formatted at Occasional bursts of error rates up to 10 or 15 are no problem.

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Superb sonic performance was a base-line objective for Alesis. The HD24 provides 24 tracks o Recording time per each 10 gigabytes 48kHz: 45 minutes x 24 tracks; 96kHz: 45 minutes x 12 tracks 4. Number of drive ba This symbol warns the user of uninsulated voltage within the unit that can cause dangerous electric shocks.

This symbol w Lesen Sie die Hinweise. Halten Sie sich an die Anleitung. Beachten Sie alle Warnungen. Beachten Sie alle Hinweise. Mounting means that the system recognizes the disk, has powered it up, and can communicate with it. If you hav The display should look like thi When it turns yellow, you have 6 dB or less of headroom left. At the top, the red CLIP warns you of the onset of clipping.

The "soft" The shipping carton was designed to protect the unit during shipping. Please retain this container in the highly unlikely event that you need to return the HD24 for servicing. The shipping carton should contain the follow Even those with 24 or 32 tape inputs usually have only eight busses or group outputs. Luckily, the HD24 is designed so it can still be used with eight, four, or These should be low-capacitance shielded cables with a stranded not solid internal conductor and a low-resistance shield.

Although quality cables cost more, To cover the 24 tracks of the HD24, there are three sets of inputs and thr Remove the clear, plastic tube covering each end of the optical cable if present. Connect one end of the fibe In this particular cas If the display looks something like this: S0 1 :"Song Name " 24t it is already in Song Select mode.

Names may be up to 10 characters long. It takes only a few seconds. Press the NAME button. This will cause the cursor t The process involves selecting a song see previous tutorial , putting one or more tracks into record-ready, adjusting record Get familiar with them by using them while watching the TIME counter. Levels within 6 dB 1 bit of clipping are shown in yellow. The " The currently selected input source is indicated in the lower left corner of the display.

Press PLAY to begin playback. The current time position is transferred into the next Locate Point, shown in the lower right hand side of the display, i. Auto Play When this function is on, the HD24 will Store the position where you want t he loop to begin into Locate 1. Refer to the previous section for instructions. Store the position where you want the Auto recording stops and starts recording automatically at predetermined times.

This is useful when you want to precisely punch in If the record i Your system becomes much more flexible when you add additional drive While hard drives can run for thousands of hours without maintenance, and store data without decay for many The HD24 allows you to copy a perfect rhythm guitar part to every chorus, move a bass solo to a later chorus, even undo a bad edit.

This section will introduce you to the editing cont This section will explain how to make the most of these functions. This audio can then be pasted elsewhere in the song. A box will appear in the Met Pasting audio into a song may require that the song be lengt This is often used to copy tracks from an 8-track song into a track song for more available tracks. You could use this technique to save a copy of a song, so that the original stays untouched; but Multiple levels of undo are available with certain restrictions on size.

Pressing UNDO again w Press the UNDO button. This would happen if the sample number jumps drastically from the original material to the pasted material. For th You can record and play back at The HD24 can always record and play back high- resolut It can control multiple transports, arm up to tracks in a system, receive and generate SMPTE time code, and sla Most offices tie their computers together in a network so they can share files and software between them, and all print to a central Your computer may also need additional hardware and software.

If you want to enter a user name, use the arrow keys under the display to place the cursor under the letter you want to change. Please complete the network card installation first, then After a few seconds, you will be brought back to the main Network window.

Click OK. Windows may ask for original Windows installation files. Supply them as needed. Windows will ask yo Click the Start button. Choose Settings , then Control Panel.

Double-click the Network icon. Your Network window should pop up. Select the Configuration tab. You can do this with a hub, or directly using a crossover cable. Power up all equipment. Make Ethernet connections to your computer and HD Click and hold on an individual track you want to download. Drag it to the desktop or to a folder. Tracks must be downloaded one at a time or see Tip on Using File Helpers, below.

If you simply click on a file, your browser may attempt to download and open the audio to play it from w On the HD24, the subnet mask is used to determine how many computers are on your local network. D, and your subnet mask is set to Make sure that all downloads are complete and all users have logged off the system.

The Router is assigned the internal address of Symptom Cause Solution No input audio Test with a known good input. Bad cables Repla Make sure you have the unit? This warranty is enforceable only by the original retail p


Alesis ADAT-XT20 Reference Manual

Of course, multiple machines may beinterconnected and synchronized to allow for more tracks. Page 11 Chapter 1: If the tape is moving, it willstop before ejecting. Entering play or record more willalso thread the tape, if it was previously unthreaded. Tell us about it. At this point, you should call Alesis Product Support. Once a Locate Point adwt stored, its corresponding tape positioncan be edited. A bus generally refers to any common signal pathway.



Though we recommend you take time to read through the entire manual once carefully, those having general knowledge about multitrack recorders should use the table of contents and index to reference specific functions while using the XT Chapter 1: Introduction. Deals with the necessary preparation before recording and playing, including connections to external devices. This section provides a brief tour of the XT20, shows you how to format a tape, record and playback, set locate points, auto punch-in and out, bounce tracks, and points out other various features. Chapter 3: Connections.


Recording Tricks: Alesis ADAT Recorders

Superb sonic performance was a base-line objective for Alesis. The HD24 provides 24 tracks o Recording time per each 10 gigabytes 48kHz: 45 minutes x 24 tracks; 96kHz: 45 minutes x 12 tracks 4. Number of drive ba This symbol warns the user of uninsulated voltage within the unit that can cause dangerous electric shocks.

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