I love fucking smoking. I love, love, love, LOVE it. I smoke when I drink, and when I do then I binge. Drinking gets me every time, as do smoker friends. Also driving.

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Millions of people willing to stop smoking have meanwhile become content non-smokers with this method; so, the success speaks for itself. Within one day, we will determine for you the findings which will help you afterwards to freely take your decision to become a content non-smoker. The method helps you to realise why you smoke, why it had been so hard to stop smoking previously and how you can quit smoking easily for the rest of your life.

Avoid bans Avoiding bans is an important pillar of the Easyway method. Here, the problem is addressed at the root. This means: smokers learn to understand and to question the reasons why they smoke a cigarette again and again. Become a non-smoker while Smoking During the entire day of the course, the participants may smoke in many short breaks. We want them to be relaxed and attentive and not to be distracted by the thought of the next cigarette. In this way, the participants manage to free themselves from smoking successfully at the end of the course day.

In January , Professor Dr. Manfred Neuberger of the Medical University of Vienna published an independent study. The result: More than one half of the participants of Easyway courses are still non-smokers even after one year. Stop smoking for at least one year — even the best therapists achieved this result only in one out of three smokers, using all possible methods. It can really be called a sensation that crash courses of only 6 hours have such a long-term success in one out of two smokers.

We are convinced of that and the scientific figures prove it. Private courses Several millions of smokers worldwide have already come to know and appreciate Easyway. Since , there have been Easyway courses also in the German-speaking countries. They take place regularly in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The courses are held in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Our aim is to offer a memorable course day to each participant so that they achieve the aim to stop smoking in one day.

We constantly offer Easyway courses all over Switzerland. A list of the next courses can be found here. Or contact us here.

Course fees are CHF Included are a long-term warranty, telephone helpline and a handout. For you, a certified trainer comes from England to Switzerland. Company courses The cooperation with companies, administrations and associations is very important to Easyway.

The health of employees is a material component of the success of companies. The Easyway method has been successfully applied especially in companies all over Switzerland. Would you like a solution that is custom-tailored for your company? Or contact us here and we will be pleased to advise you and create a suitable solution for you without any Obligation.


Ausprobiert: Endlich Nichtraucher

Shami Ich versuche es heute wieder mit dem letzten Glas. Ich will nicht mehr besoffen sein. Es ist so einfach,Leute,versucht es,ihr werdet es nicht bereuen! Course fees are CHF Included are a long-term warranty, telephone helpline and a handout. An ein oder zwei Abenden in der Woche mal zwei Warsteiner und das war es schon. Als Gabriela Dresel sich inhaltlich eingearbeitet hatte, war alsn soweit, michtraucher wir ein erstes Pilotseminar gestartet haben.


Endlich Nichtraucher – Erfahrungen mit dem Buch von Allen Carr



Alan Carr endlich Nichtraucher


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