It was released in by Hyperion and authored by Kiedis with Larry Sloman , who compiled information and conducted interviews. The book reached No. An E-book version is also available. It follows Kiedis into the depth of his experiences with drug addiction. The title name was taken from the single " Scar Tissue " released five years earlier on the Red Hot Chili Peppers album Californication.

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Shelves: , non-fiction , music , biographical Wow. What a read. I have a thing for musician biographies or autobiographies as is the case with Scar Tissue. Especially when containing a flair of the tragic. Scar Tissue goes far beyond the music though, and can be enjoyed by anyone. It is deeply personal, Kiedis pulls no punches here. If you want the story, Wow. If you want the story, well this is the whole story. After all, unlike Jaco, Anthony is still alive and well. Hell, the Chili Peppers are touring as I type this.

Scar Tissue was released in , and while Kiedis had plenty of material to write about at that time.. Who knows? I like Ryder Strong but there was no reason for Kiedis not to read it himself. Now lets talk content He doesnt ask for sympathy though, which is why I gave this two stars. I just kinda felt like he made the same mistakes over and over.

Which he admits to. I found this to be a joy to read, so exciting and wonderful from the point of a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. He has surely had many struggles but does not try to hide them, indeed he openly embraces these struggles in this book and gives many enlightened reflections on the journey back from addiction to sobriety. As someone who has dealt with a form of addiction, I found these reflections to be incredibly deep and inspired. I could not recommend this book more to a Chili Peppers fan or someone who has been through a significant struggle.

Thank you Mr. Kiedis for these reflections and I hope that you continue to stay strong to this day. This book provides amazing insights into the formation and development of one of the best bands of all time, including how Anthony and Flea met, their teenaged high-jinx, the meaning behind some songs, and the changes in membership.

Clearly the book was written as Kiedis began to heal, and it serves as both a cautionary tale for the reader and a cathartic process for Kiedis. However, the drug use goes on and on Did we really need all those detailed stories of when he fell off the wagon, and how it happened?

The stories became repetitive at points, especially when they always ended up with him in either A rehab, or B on a tropical island with a woman trying to detox.

However the book definitely raised the question - "How did this guy survive?? Kiedis had a really wild life filled with endless lust and adventures. Also gives some insight into the mind of a person prone to relapsing into substance abuse over and over again, and how difficult it is to stay clean a la Ozzy Osbourne. Really makes the reader wonder how a band like RHCP could maintain such a level of professionalism despite the members struggling with so many issues on the personal front. Aug 30, Cameron Scott rated it really liked it This book has kept me up reading later than I would have liked.

I also put it down ignored for several weeks. The beginning is good. The 2nd 4th made me put it down for that several week period unsure if I could take any more of it. The last half kept me up several nights.


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