Tygotaxe This article has multiple issues. Thompson Radcliff rated it really liked it Dec 29, Stories recounted of Amroth in Unfinished Tales indicate that he lived at some time during the Second Age somewhere in this area one account says specifically at Dol Amroth. The assassin takes refuge in a warehouse beneath which lies a disused brigands lair — so, the characters have a skilled killer and a trap-laced hideout to deal with. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Retrieved 20 August Read more about the condition.

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Fictional etymology[ edit ] Tolkien intended the name Gondor to be Sindarin for "land of stone". Researchers Wayne G. They were pushed aside by later settlers and came to live in the pine-woods of the Druadan Forest [T 5] by the north-eastern White Mountains.

They built a megalithic subterranean complex at Dunharrow , later known as the Paths of the Dead, which extended through the mountain-range from north to south. Isildur and his three elder sons were ambushed and killed by Orcs in the Gladden Fields. There was a civil war, giving Umbar the opportunity to declare independence. There was war with the Easterling Wainriders, and Gondor lost its line of kings. There, Boromir attended the Council of Elrond , saw the One Ring , and suggested it be used as a weapon to save Gondor.

Elrond rebuked him, explaining the danger of such use, and instead, the hobbit Frodo was made ring-bearer, and a Fellowship , including Boromir, was sent on a quest to destroy the Ring. Minas Tirith then faced direct land attack from Mordor , combined with naval attack by the Corsairs of Umbar.

The hobbits succeeded, and Sauron was defeated. Near the mouths of Anduin was the island of Tolfalas. Calenardhon was granted independence as the kingdom of Rohan. To the northeast, by the river Anduin, are the Emyn Muil, with watchtowers on the hills of Amon Hen and Amon Lhaw on opposite banks of the river, and the Gates of Argonath at the northern entrance into the straits of Anduin as a warning to trespassers.

Further down the river are the hills of Emyn Arnen. The capital, Minas Tirith , lay at the eastern end of the White Mountains, built around a shoulder of Mount Mindolluin. It was at a latitude comparable to that of Florence ; [T 33] suggesting a Mediterranean climate. The Warning beacons of Gondor were placed on high foothills running back west from Minas Tirith on both sides of the range.

To the west lies the Great Sea.


Assassins of Dol Amroth

Best suited to form a thread within a broader arc, the adventures deal with a criminal organisation known as The Shades. In the first adventure, the characters must chase a lone assassin after he murders a well known hunter, famed for his efforts chasing down rogue Corsair forces in his youth. The assassin takes refuge in a warehouse beneath which lies a disused brigands lair - so, the characters have a skilled killer and a trap-laced hideout to deal with. In the second adventure, the assassins seek revenge on the characters for the events of first adventure, or else simply pick on them as likely targets while they travel. Escaping pursuits by overwhelming numbers, the characters come across a seemingly mothballed manor house, actually the home to a mad hermit-type traveller returned to find his family in their ancestral home. Between vengeful assassins and a loopy hermit, the characters have a problem on their hands. Finally, the third adventure leads the characters to a mist-shrouded hilltop, and the ruins of another noble manor.



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