These presentation files were originally prepared in and were last updated on the dates shown. Through a steady stream of experimental research, tool-building efforts, and theoretical studies, the design of an instruction-set architecture, once considered an art, has been transformed into one of the most quantitative branches of computer technology. At the same time, better understanding of various forms of concurrency, from standard pipelining to massive parallelism, and invention of architectural structures to support a reasonably efficient and user-friendly programming model for such systems, has allowed hardware performance to continue its exponential growth. This trend is expected to continue in the near future. This explosive growth, linked with the expectation that performance will continue its exponential rise with each new generation of hardware and that in stark contrast to software computer hardware will function correctly as soon as it comes off the assembly line, has its down side.

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Introduction to parallel processing: algorithms and architectures

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Policy on academic integrity: Please read very carefully Grade stats: Range, mean, etc. In case of multiple students having the same first choice, I will assign the topic to the student with an earlier selection. Please send me your top three choices now, if you want to get started on your research. See the links under Course Calendar. For each topic, one or more initial references are specified to help define the topic and to get you started on your work. Once you have studied the topics, please e-mail me your top 3 choices in order of preferences and I will try to assign one of those topics to you. I will try to post the videos for each week by the weekend preceding it.


Professionally, he serves on journal editorial boards and conference program committees and is also active in technical consulting. He has research interests in computer arithmetic, parallel processing, and dependable computing. In his previous position with Sharif formerly Arya-Mehr University of Technology in Tehran, Iran , he was also involved in educational planning, curriculum development, standardization efforts, technology transfer, and various editorial responsibilities, including a five-year term as Editor of Computer Report, a Persian-language computing periodical. Among his publications are three textbooks on parallel processing Plenum, , computer arithmetic Oxford, ; 2nd ed. Parallel and Distributed Systems , and International J. Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems His consulting activities cover the design of high-performance digital systems and associated intellectual property issues.



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