Inhaltsangabe Whether you are a single parent, a CEO, a saint, or a sinner, you will find respite from the chaos of everyday living in this book. Beyond Happiness is a poignant and practical guide to personal inner peace. A lively discussion with helpful analogies and revealing exercises, Beyond Happiness is a treasure for anyone who is struggling to find purpose and prosperity in life. But it can! So can sex, power, cars, and chocolate bars. But there is something that does last, something beyond happiness

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It is a philosophical book, very abstract, but containing several useful, practical exercises. The author himself describes it as a poignant and practical guide to inner personal peace. He says it is written in simple language, and that may be, but I found some parts of the book quite challenging to comprehend. Kinslow tells us about his early life in Japan, when he practised judo, and his sensei taught him how to quiet This is not a book about Quantum Entrainment, as I had assumed it would be.

Kinslow tells us about his early life in Japan, when he practised judo, and his sensei taught him how to quiet the mind. Just as I have previously experienced when reading the works of David R. Knowing the Self dissolves problems and the accompanying sufferings. The result is inner peace and prosperity. To know Self is to become free of hopes and fears. He tells us that one day we will be amazed to find that inner peace shows up right in the middle of some traumatic event.

We are awake, waiting, but there are no thoughts in that gap. We just need to observe the gap between our thoughts on a regular basis. The gap is pure awareness — awareness of nothing. We are told how the regular experience of Self will begin to change our life. Problems effortlessly dissolve when one becomes aware of Self, and the symptom of Self-awareness is inner peace. Unproductive thinking about the future creates anxiety and worry; it is impossible to worry about the future when paying attention to the present moment.

The problem is the mind. K refers to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita, a story of good overthrowing evil, but ultimately a story of seeking and finding Self. Arjuna had a problem he could not solve, so he surrendered and waited for Divine guidance — he retreated to a state of alertness without thinking or performing action.

K tells us that doing this exercise induces healing. It keeps us anchored in Self, and should help us overcome pain when practised regularly. In another exercise we learn to observe physical pain, which encourages it to dissolve. This is a deeply philosophical book, which may require focus and concentration to comprehend. Several readings of the book will also help.

After reading this book, however, it became much easier to find Eufeeling, in fact, I can practically always find it, in the midst of active life with open eyes. I would highly recommend that you read the book.


Beyond Happiness by Dr. Frank J. Kinslow PDF Download

Beyond Happiness by Dr. Frank J. Beyond Happiness is the personal transformation, self-help and happiness guide which shares the different tips to achieve the ultimate happiness in your life. Description of Beyond Happiness by Dr. Kinslow PDF Beyond Happiness is the self-help, transformation and happiness guide which helps the reader to unlock the inner peace.





Beyond Happiness: Finding and Fulfilling Your Deepest Desire


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