Siri Siri is the main character of the book. She is the youngest princess of the small country Idris, and is known for being rebellious and colorful, rather than attempting to detract attention from herself as the Idrian doctrine of Austrism requires. This, in turn, allows her to befriend the God King and Lightsong, as well as help defeat a plot to cause a war between Hallandren and Idris. She is the perfect daughter: responsible, caring, and completely devoted to Austre. There is a contract with Hallandren that requires her to be sent to marry the God King and bear him a child which will be still-born and become the next God King on her twenty-second birthday. Due to this, Vivenna goes through a brief depression, in which she feels like her only reason for living has been taken by Siri.

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My name is Brandon Sanderson. It was also picked by Barnes and Noble editors as the best fantasy or science fiction book of the year. Book three is out in October of this year. You can find sample chapters of these books at the end of this file. If you like Warbreaker, consider buying those!

It should be out sometime in the fall of My first inclination was to grab one of my old, unpublished books and offer it. And yet, one of my main reasons for releasing said e-book would be for publicity reasons.

That made me want to offer something new. Something that showed off the very best of my abilities. Why offer an inferior product as your free sample? This is not an old work. In fact, this is my newest work. It has been purchased by Tor who gave me permission to try this experiment and will be published in hardcover in , with a paperback release to follow the next year.

I like to have a lot of contact with my fans, and as I contemplated releasing a new book rather than an old one on my website, I had a chance to do something rarely seen. They could see the evolution of the book, maybe even offer feedback on early drafts, allowing them to have a much closer connection to me as a writer and this book in specific.

I decided to go ahead and give this a try. That was back in June of My Worries Releasing the book this way is a gamble for two reasons. I, personally, feel very differently about art and the public than certain record executives appear to feel. They can always get books for free via the library anyway. The potential gains far outweigh the potential losses.

Still, I worry a little bit. But artists tend to do that. Though this is the fourth draft of the book, my novels usually see somewhere near eight drafts before they go to press.

This is still a work in progress. What if readers pick this up, read through it, and judge me flawed as a writer because their only experience with me comes from an unpolished work? This one really bothers my agent.

Still, I think the opportunity that this affords my readers—particularly the aspiring writers among them—was too great to ignore. It is done, and I intend to stick to my original plan. I will post every draft as I complete them, then will eventually post comparisons of the drafts so that readers can follow the changes made to the book.

Conclusion My hope is still to let readers collaborate a little bit on this book. Feel free to visit my forums and email me with your impressions of the novel. Your feelings and questions are important to me and can help this book grow better. I hope that you enjoy this book. If you do, the best thing you can do to say thanks would be to purchase a copy when it is released! You are also welcome to share it with friends see the rights explanation below.

Remember my published novels as well. They are far more polished, and if you want to make certain that I write more fantasy novels in the future, the best thing to do is indicate your will to Tor by purchasing my novels. You can find sample chapters of each of my published works at the end of this document. Using this, you can also find a list of revisions spoiler warning!

Most of all, I want to thank you for reading. I think the primary motivation of all artists is the desire to express themselves.

My books are not complete until you read them and add your imagination to the events they contain. For me, sales are secondary to that.



Plot summary[ edit ] Warbreaker tells the story of two Idrian princesses, Vivenna and Siri. Vivenna was contracted through a treaty written before she was born to marry the God King of rival nation Hallandren. However, King Dedelin sends his other daughter Siri to meet the treaty instead. Vivenna follows her to Hallandren in the hope of saving Siri from her fate. Siri, after spending many terrified nights waiting for the God King to procreate with her, finds that he is not actually the menacing, frightening God that she thought, but has actually had his tongue cut out by his priests, making him nothing more than a figurehead. Though he is intelligent, he possesses a childlike outlook because his education was withheld. Siri teaches the God King to communicate by writing, and over time they learn to care for each other and fall in love.








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