However, although those relations are widely covered they are also under-researched. This article offers an introduction to China—Africa relations, covering background to the history and politics of Chinese involvement in the continent and identifying areas of further research. Relations between Africa and China are topical. This is driven in part by the wider resurgence of China in world affairs, but much is also the result of the recent visibility and interest in the growing presence, roles, and impacts of Chinese actors throughout the continent. This is particularly the case in Western coverage. It is time, however, to go beyond this framework of presenting and thinking about different levels and dynamics of the emerging Chinese relations with 48 53 African states.

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It started with the slave trade. After the days of the transatlantic human trafficking various subsequent more or less direct and brutal forms of exploitation characterised the relationships of Africans with the rest of the world. These were then modified by means of formal decolonisation processes. Their societies, however, remain to a large extent characterised by the structural legacy of an externally on-ented economic system, the beneficiaries of which continue to be based mostly outside the countries, with only limited participation of — all too often parasitic — local elites, who exploit political control over national wealth for their own gains.

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