Problems playing this file? See media help. His childhood was influenced greatly by artistic endeavors: he was interested in both literature and filmmaking as a child, but focused mainly on music. Shortly after the move, Veloso won a lyrics contest for his composition "Um Dia" and was signed to Philips Records.

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Caetano Veloso Guitar Chords Biography A true heavyweight, Caetano Veloso is a pop musician, poet, filmmaker, author, activist, and statesman.

Since the s, he has been a cultural shapeshifter whose songs and recordings are filled with musical and literary invention, a deliberate androgyny, and an effortless genre meld of samba, MPB, tropicalia, rock, funk, jazz, and more. Bright, ambitious, creative, and given to an unapologetically leftist political outlook, Veloso would soon become a controversial figure in Brazilian pop.

Arty and eclectic, tropicalia retained a bossa nova influence, adding bits and pieces of folk-rock and art rock to a stew of loud electric guitars, poetic spoken word sections, and jazz-like dissonance. Although not initially well received by traditional pop-loving Brazilians both Veloso and Gil faced the wrath of former fans similar to the ire provoked by Dylan upon going electric , tropicalia was a breathtaking stylistic synthesis that signaled a new generation of daring, provocative, and politically outspoken musicians who would remake the face of MPB.

This was a cultural shift not without considerable dangers. Since , Brazil had been ruled by a military dictatorship a government that would rule for 20 years that did not look kindly upon such radical music made by such radical musicians. Almost immediately there were government-sanctioned attempts to circumscribe the recordings and live performances of many Tropicalistas.

Censorship of song lyrics as well as radio and television playlists Veloso was a regular TV performer on Brazilian variety shows was common. Just as common was the persecution of performers openly critical of the government, and Veloso and Gil were at the top of the hit list.

Both men spent two months in prison for "anti-government activity" and another four months under house arrest. After a defiant performance together, Veloso and Gil were forced into exile in London. Veloso continued to record abroad and write songs for other tropicalia stars, but he would not be allowed to return to Brazil permanently until Still, the buzz on Veloso grew, thanks in part to Palmer, Robert Christgau, and other critics writing about pop music outside of the contiguous 48 states.

Veloso was one of the rare musicians who was popular, sold a lot of records at least in Brazil , and was a certifiable superstar, but never self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, or overly concerned with how hip he was. Even when he approached the age of normal retirement, Veloso showed no signs of slowing down. Two years later, Veloso was the subject of an extensive, flattering portrait in Spin on the eve of the American release of his acclaimed album, Livro.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Veloso delivered a live bossa nova album in collaboration with poet Jorge Mautner, the spirited Noites do Norte, and the songbook album A Foreign Sound. Veloso took some time out to tour and begin another book; he released Zii e Zie in on Nonesuch through World Circuit. The album was issued in North America by Nonesuch in March of The extensive double album was released in April by Nonesuch.

In late , Veloso undertook a tour with his three sons -- Moreno 45 , Zeca 26 , and Tom 21 -- all of whom are celebrated veteran musicians in their own right. Along with well-known selections by all four participants, Veloso Sr.


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