Expression of beauty and style. We learn them. Reading about how others have satisfied their eight primary desires is as pleasant as satisfying them ourselves. Imagining the use of something that appeals to you increases your desire for it.

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All you need to know is how and why we make buying decisions. Full of instantly actionable tips, this book tells you everything you need to know about how to turn your ads into profits. How in the world will you sell this weird concoction to millions of picky cat companions? The secret: setting off the right triggers. But what are they? Every person is wired with eight desires that marketers would be foolish to ignore. Naturally, we also yearn for sexual companionship and comfortable living conditions.

Good marketers are able to transform these desires into money. In fact, consumer researchers have found that these eight basic desires drive more sales than all other human wants combined. But why? Desire is a form of tension that compels you to act if a need is left unmet. This in turn leads to actions that satisfy your desire. Our actions always follow this pattern: tension leads to desire leads to action.

Marketers can benefit from this simple biological process by understanding and appealing to the L8 in a clever way. So how do you sell that cucumber and mouse smoothie? Now you understand these basic triggers; our following blinks reveal how marketers use them to sell you their products. Fear-inducing ads have four simple ingredients. People buy to satisfy their egos, something marketers can easily exploit. Different kinds of products require different kinds of ads. Create the perfect headline in just three steps.

Use images in your ads — but not just any images! The right colors can make all the difference. There is a science behind the right ad placement. Final summary.


Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

Yet, so many people face bad results, because they do not know how to advertise their product properly. That is exactly what this summary is about. Selling is fundamental human interaction. However, most marketers know very little about the drivers that make people buy. He has worked as a consultant for many large companies. It motivates people to buy products or services that they may not even need. However, most advertising experts forget this objective: making people spend money, and focus on being clever or win creative awards instead.


What if you could read 3 books per day?

The author just pours in tenths The book is a collection of techniques and hints that can help boost advertising efficiency and sales for almost anything. The author just pours in tenths of good practices and the reader has to sort it out, which can be difficult and confusing for many people. Especially people who are novice in sales and ads may easily become overwhelmed while reading this book! We do read about paper ads and web page ads, but a huge proportion of ad budget now goes to social media advertising. This book is supposedly published in when social media were already in place and getting attention and some of the ad budget. Hard for me to understand. In brief this is a good and useful book, information included is awesome although nothing new or innovative here for people experienced in the field , you do need to other books or guidance to use much of the information, you can keep this as a reference book and I hope to see an updated edition with reference to social media advertising.

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