She completed an editing course at George Brown College in that covered proofreading, copy editing, and substantive editing. She wrote the first draft in a few short months, and then for over ten years she edited and revised the book more than forty times before it was accepted for publication by WestSide Books. Like most anthologies it contains a variety of stories. The stories ranges from the proverbial babysitter gone mad to the necrophilia fairy tale with a twist. The one thread that weaves itself through this collection of stories is teenage angst.

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Banned Books. This is one heck of a good book! As Kendra begins to trust Meghan and fall in love with her, she begins to open up and share more with people who can help her. It is clear that Rainfield has firsthand knowledge of these topics, and she handles them deftly. It could prove to be a life-saver for other young victims of abuse and self-harm.

I expected a harsh, bitter rage, but instead found a warm, embracing voice. Anger is there, yes, along with terror, but what a surprise to read such an uplifting book about such devastating issues! Those who have been victims will find a realistic portrayal of abuse and self-harm, but also a heartfelt understanding and an encouraging journey toward healing. Others will simply be glad they read this book and learned so much from such a generous teacher.

Rainfield beautifully captures the power of redemptive love required of survivors to move beyond trauma to inner strength and peace. A must-read for teens and those who care deeply about them. We all need to see our lives reflected in the books we read. I hope this story reaches all the young people who need it.


Cheryl Rainfield

Shelves: young-adult This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It was Summary: Kendra cuts herself to ease the terrifying fear that overwhelms her as she tries to cope with memories of the sexual abuse she endured for years. Lately, she has felt someone following her, and now threatening notes and "gifts" are appearing in her locker and bookbag. Kendra attempts to cope with this personal horror through two things: therapy, and her artwork.


You Too?: 25 Voices Tell Their #MeToo Stories


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