Share via Email Daisy-chain of love and lust Closer and closer: Patrick Marber returns Read more For all its debt to Soderbergh, the play reminds me of the great Viennese dramatist Arthur Schnitzler in its portrayal of the daisy-chain of love and lust. It starts with a meeting in a hospital between the waif-like Alice, nursing a minor injury, and Dan, a newspaper obituarist and would-be novelist. But, although they start an affair, Dan is simultaneously attracted to a photographer, Anna, who specialises in wistful portraits of sad strangers.

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He meets Alice after she is involved in an accident and he takes her to the hospital. A year later he is writing a novel about her life as a stripper. Anna Anna is a photographer. She eventually gets together again with Larry before the couple split for good.

Larry Larry is a doctor with emotional intimacy issues. He meets Anna after a fake internet chat with Dan who he believed was Anna and they begin a romance that turns into marriage. They later divorce as both are cheating on each other. Larry demands to have sex with Anna before he signs the divorce papers in order to get back at Dan who is now dating Anna.

Larry and Anna eventually get back together before finally splitting and Larry dates a nurse, Polly from the hospital. Alice Alice is the youngest of the four characters. She is a former stripper who falls in love with Dan who publishes his first book based of her life of taking off her clothes for money. She watches as Dan falls in love with Anna and leaves her.

She in the end gets back together with Dan, but when he demands to know if she slept with Larry she cannot tell him and decides to leave, which causes Dan to erupt and eventually hit her. Update this section!


Closer Quotes

Marber is good at acting like he does. The characters are insufferable. Trying to be edgy. Edgy with its pretentious stripper and pretentious photographer and pretentious failed writer and oh god even a pretentious dermatologist. But none of it is ever followed through. All it amounts to is unrealistically well-spoken characters standing around in their metal-cage world making points just by saying them.


Patrick Marber

Comedy performer[ edit ] After working for a few years as a stand-up comedian , primarily as part of a comedy double act with author Guy Browning , Marber became a writer and cast member on the radio shows On the Hour and Knowing Me, Knowing You , and their television spinoffs The Day Today and Knowing Me, Knowing You Set in a restaurant and based around a game of poker and partly inspired by his own experiences with gambling addiction , it opened at the National Theatre in February , and won the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy. It later had a production at the American Airlines Theatre on Broadway in His play Closer , a comedy of sex, dishonesty, and betrayal, opened at the National Theatre in , again directed by Marber. It has proved to be an international success, having been translated into thirty languages. In Howard Katz, his next play, Marber presented very different subject matter: a middle-aged man struggling with life, death and religion. This was first performed in , again at the National Theatre, but was less favourably received by the critics and has been less of a commercial success than some of his other work.


Closer Character List

Background[ edit ] Closer was first performed at the Royal National Theatre in London on 22 May ; it was the second original play written by Patrick Marber. Larry, a doctor in dermatology, inspects her leg briefly and leaves. Dan and the young woman introduce themselves—he is Daniel Woolf, an obituary writer and failed novelist who tells her how he and his colleagues use euphemisms humorously in their work in obituaries. She is Alice Ayres, a self-described waif who has a scar along her leg shaped like a question mark.

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