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Cleaning external dust; B. Whether Check the fasteners are loose, especially the conductor connection parts, to prevent loose contact and heat; 5. Check whether the position of moving and static contacts are right, whether the three phases are closed at the same time, if there are problems, adjust the contact spring; B. Check wear degree of the contact, the wear depth can not more than 1mm, contacts have burned, when open welding and fall-off, it is necessary to replace in time; When slightly burned, it does not generally affect the use.

When clean the contacts, do not use sandpaper, should use plastic file; C. Check whether the auxiliary contact action is flexible, contact stroke should meet the specified value, check whether the contacts are loose and fall off, when finding the problem, it should be repaired or replaced. Clean the dust, especially the interface between moving parts and the core; B.

Check the fastening of the core, loosening of the core will increase operating noise; C. If short-circuit ring of core has fall-off or fracture, it should be promptly repaired. Measuring coil insulation resistance; B. Check the connection of coil lead, if open welding, burning, it should be promptly repaired. Check whether the arc chute is damaged; B.

Whether the position of arc chute is loose and change; C. Clear the gap of metal particles and debris within the arc chute. Contact system of CJX1 AC contactor: The main and auxiliary contact materials are made of silver alloy with superior electrical properties, which have long service life and good contact reliability. Wiring screws is new self-liter screws, tile-shaped pad and screw does not separate, which can save wiring time.

Magnetic system of CJX1 AC contactor: The electromagnetic system is reliable, low loss, low noise, has high mechanical strength, terminal of wire drawing is fitted with voltage specification tag, voltage level on the tag has a specific color, clear and eye-catching, easy wiring, can avoid the coil burnt caused by the wrong voltage.

Contactor installation position: The contactor must be mounted on the vertical surface of the position shown in the figure.

Main parameters and technical performance 9.


Siemens 3TF48 Motor Starter Contactor 100a 600v





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