Monday, November 23, The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that CSSForum has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message. Da ooney sal kaala umar dey kho da marghay pakey yawa shpa da. Saturday, November 21, Chi na kar, pa hagha the sa kar Passhto it is not any of your business, then stay away. He that marries for wealth sells his liberty. Khwara khola au sarbey khabaray.

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Zucage This thread will help many people. Thursday, January 31, Any food or drink a dog tastes becomes his property Monday, November 23, Chi na kar, pa hagha the sa kar When it is not any of your business, then stay away landai la halal na da khanak pa sar garzawe.

Youth will have its swing. There is a vast difference between a poor man and luck. Last edited by Princess Royal; Xa, October 10, at Saturday, October 10, Ghwakhey da har cha khwakhey dee kho peesho prey emaan rawrey dey. Har chata khpal watan kashmir de for everyone his country is like Kashmir Everyone sees his country or area the most beautiful in the world.

Pukhtoo mataloona and English Translation Kha charay, salaamoona pukhtano! A crooked mouth can be set right by a punch. Khar cha har chaire hum lar she, bia hum hagha khar we The donkey will remain donkey, no matter where ever it goes Nature cannot be changed Da khali daig ghag lor mataloba The emty vessel noise is more An empty vessel makes much noise.

Wrori ba kawu hesab tar menza The brotherhood at one side, and the business matters at the other We will behave like brothers, but we ad know what is yours and what is mine. The animal is not even slaughtered, you come with your plate on your head to collect meat. Skill is stronger than strength. Kha khovee ba dey sultan kri au bad khovee ba dey hairan kree. If you fool me once a curse on you, if you fool me twice a curse on me.

Akhira zamana shwa da chargaano yaarana shwa. Let each one turn his mind to his own troubles. Paint the walls with it. A drowning man catches at a straw. Poor here, poor in India. A cheerful wife is the joy of life. AfghanMatalonaPashtunproverbs A nations proverbs gives you a little glimpse into their culture.

Very nice effort Mr. The beggar spends the night wherever it is convenient. Wednesday, October 07, Pukhtoo mataloona and English Translation. Water cannot be separated with a club. A whining mouth and proud words Mola bal ta masali kavi pa khapla pri hamli kawi moulvi preaches to others, but sins himself.

Saturday, November 21, Surrounding yourself with something you like wont turn you into it. Da ghal pa geera k khas vee. Sta kho peenza waara gotey pa ghwaro ke dee. Friday, November 20, Page 1 of 2. BB code is On. A crust cow hatch short horns, 8. Uuboo woray har booti ta laas achvee. Uuba pa khkata zor kavee. Originally Posted by umarabbas. How the grand mother is, same is her grand daughter. TOP Related Posts.






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