Kagacage Dark Sun Campaign Setting: Retrieved May 31, A group of human raiders and slaves have been following the caravan and have set up an ambush. Please contact me with any issues before leaving feedback, so that I can make it right. Sponsored Links Support play-board-games. Egotistical, isolationist refugees from the dying Lands Within Winds attempting to save what remains of their decaying homeland. Athas is a devastated world, the result of magic run amok.

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Shaktimi Thats ok though, more for later. Big News from Gen Con Indy! Shipping to US only. Game play begins during the Desert Age, similarly to 2nd edition, with the world a barren wasteland and its few remaining habitable places being lorded over by the sorcerer-kings.

Sorcerer-king Kalak of Tyr has been assassinated and the liberation of Tyr wrena sparked a glimmer of hope and renewal in the Tyr Region. Due to a freak rainshower, we arrived a little bit late to the store. Along with the elan they were introduced in the setting brief in Dragon magazine, [10] brought to Athas as soldiers by the sorcerer-king Andropinus when he returned from the Outer Planes.

In 4th edition the templar class shifted away from being a divine caster to an arcane caster, though not all templars are skilled in magic.

For normal use of magic, I might stick to insults and stuff, but no violence against the player. The bard heals Ittik as he continues his assault on the scavengers. TSR eventually relented after fan outcry and established a formal fan site dedicated to Dark Sun fan creations. Will they just nsult him or boo or ignore that or take even worse actions? Athasian dwarves are similar to dwarves in other settings but usually have little to no hair, and are gifted artisans of stone and metal.

So the magical effect seems not be that important to distinguish the magic power surge. Dragon Kingsreleased infeatured rules for epic level character advancement for Dark Sun. Because loosing too much surges would be difficult. Also there was no map and I should have made the area for the fight bigger. First, the gods were destroyed or driven away from Athas by malevolent elementals known as primordials.

More intelligent than their counterparts in other worlds, but with a tendency to change personalities over time. From a smoke-free home. The only power sources in athas which are generally respected are martial and psionic.

Retrieved August 27, In 3rd edition they were a prestige class. The culmination of the tangled metaplot was summarized in Beyond The Prism Pentad in preparation for the release of the revised and expanded boxed setreleased a few months later, which presented the setting after the events of the modules and novels. He taught preserving magic to the public bloodsxnd secretly darl students with a potential for both psionics and magic for a darker purpose.

Her son was another player. The next was a player from the table of the DM who also works at the store and organizes all the Dnd events. In 4th edition, the Athasian Minstrel is offered as a character theme and it is suggested that many Bloofsand Minstrels are bards, but a setting-specific bard class is not outlined. Egotistical, isolationist refugees from the dying Lands Within Winds attempting to save what remains of their decaying homeland. Some variant classes central to the previous editions, such as gladiators, templars, and elemental priests, were introduced as themes.

The campaign setting of Dark Sun is played on the fictional planet Athas. That takes courage, and her success shows she has awesome dm skills as well. Related Articles


The Burnt World of Athas

Maumuro Psionics are broadly accepted and celebrated, and are by far the most common form of magic with virtually all living things possessing some psionic talent. The process of creating the Champions turned the sun from yellow to red. The slave minions have two things that set them apart. So great, or perhaps, inevitable that my own campaign took a sudden turn last night and wound up in a desert…. The psionic dragon-lich Dregothwho resurrected himself after being slain by the other Sorcerer-Kings for attempting to become a dragon like Borys, sweeps in and transforms most of the riotous inhabitants into undead.



I had agreed to DM the adventure Bloodsand Arena for the event, and it turned out to be a great time for us, and for the whole store. I believe there might have been a Legend of the Five Rings game and possibly Warhammer among others. We played most of the first half of the module in about 3 hours of play time. The players were made up of 4 DnDers from Encounters Wednesday, one of whom was a fellow Dm at one of our multiple tables. This excellent lady is a true hero. New to the game, on the first night of Encounters season 1, when the store was a packed mad-house, she stepped up and took on the mantle of Dm.

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