The authorship and authenticity of a large proportion of this work is questioned. Most of the Dasam Granth is in the Braj language, but the entire work is printed in the Gurmukhi script. He was also a great patron of the arts and employed numerous poets from different religious backgrounds. The Dasam Granth remains controversial among scholars, and it elicits a range of responses from devotees.

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It mainly describes the characters of females trapped in pursuits of pleasure; although there are few descriptions of male characters too. These stories are associated with kings and queens, prince and princesses, wealthy people, sadhus and sanyasis, prostitutes, etc. There is a moral message, in one form or another, attached with each of these stories; a message that is universally applicable to entire mankind.

Those who are sceptical of Sri Dasam Granth believe that, because indecent language flows in this composition, it cannot be work of Guruji. They consider it to be work of Shaakat poets worshippers of Maya , because it is their belief that it includes Shaakatpanthis characteristics of engrossment in Maya.

Even though the author of this Bani has not divided it into sections, we could divide it in logical categories for our purposes of in-depth critical analysis and disquisition. In the second part, ministers of King Chitr Singh tell him different tales of crimes originating from sexual desires Kaam , so that the dreadful veil of kaam could be lifted from his mind. Chandi is that force of Akal Purakh which, from the beginning of time, has been active in destroying impious forces.

This force is also the sword, and also the blade. It is one such sword, the rein of which is diverse and widespread even in far off lands, in all four corners; therefore, it is inappropriate to group and limit this maternal-force to India and its religions.

It is Jogmaya the force with which the universe is created , Saraswati the Devi of knowledge and mighty Bhawani. In no way it is a Devi of Hindu faith, for it is the creator of this entire universe and also of people of different faiths and beliefs.

Not only that, the spread of different faiths and religions is its own expansion. All those who live in remembrance of Akal Purakh are created by this very force. It has got extremely horrific appearance and it is also like an extremely beautiful, virgin girl. These paradoxical forms presented above are worth contemplating on. Here, instead of being a Devi, the source of creation, or the Primal Force, it takes on the form of a female. Thus, its ugly form is associated with a nymphomaniac, while its beauty is associated with high moral character.

The Chandi of Charitropakhyan is the source of creation, the Devi, the force of Maya, slayer of demons in the form of deadly weapons, and in the form of cultured and virtuous woman too.

This primal force is also the creator of all struggles and conflicts in this world. This force also takes on the form of brave men and courageous women. It is creator of this universe and also its destroyer. It is present as the force of Maya of God, above the forms of wife of Devtas and those of numerous Devis. Whatever He is, I am that. Due to ignorance, people differentiate between me and Him. Only that Brahm is supreme, He is indestructible and has been present even before the beginning of time Snatan.

During the process of creation of this universe, it takes up countless different forms and that is when we both appear different, like a reflection in the mirror. At the end of the universe, I cease to exist as a male or female This Devi, the force of Maya, is definitely different from the Devi that is worshipped as the wife of Devtas. In some areas of the Tantric faith, it appears to have superiority over the male or Shiva.

In this case, she is the soul-bride and Kaal-Purakh Waheguru as husband. That force is also the red-clothes-wearing Usha in the form of red colours of Dawn i. It is also the wearer of white clothes in the form of bright light in high skies and it is also the yellow-colour-clad evening in the form of pale yellow light of Dusk. Thus, woman depicts limitless beauty in all three stages of life — Childhood, Youth and Old age. If Thy Grace is bestowed upon me, then I may compose the story of Durga and my poetry Bani could be the best 2 whose light is shining in the world, who is the mighty destroyer of demons like Chand-Mund, whose mighty arms punishes the demons and who is the creator of the nine regions of this universe.

You are the Rajo-Tamo-Sato qualities essence of which is the poetry, latent in mind of the poet. After creating Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, then created the play of Nature. You created the oceans, mountains and land and suspended the skies without support of any columns. You then created Devtas and Demons and created strife amongst them. You also created Durga and through her destroyed the demons.

Ram Chander received all his might from You, who then killed Ravana with arrows. Krishna received the strength from You, who threw down Kans by grabbing his hair.

Great sages and Devtas practiced great austerities for many Yugas, but out of them no one could find Your end. The real puporse of this narrative is to clarify that, although mention of sexuality of Gopis was crucial, it is not the only facet of woman; rather, her true form is that of a virtuous, brave, fierce like edge of a sword , and pure Devi. Only Thou!


Sikh Gurmukhi (Punjabi) Literature

Recover seventeen rupees from Jhanda Singh ; I gave him five rupees to meet the expenses of the journey? This page taken from a bir in Patna Sahib. Tantriks were also on the right path; preachers of religious dogma suppressed grnath. Dasam Granth — Wikipedia In keeping with this dasamm orientation, grnath movement upholds the possibility of liberating relationships between men and women and envisions co-operative yogic methods that men and women can perform together in order to transform the ardour of their intimacy and passion into blissful, enlightened states of awareness. I will have to listen to the healing parable of the tertian fever. A recently written book in Punjabi by Dr. If you can prolong intercourse to one hour, you need not think of sex for the rest of your life; if you can prolong to three hours, you will be liberated from sexuality for your lives to come.


Dasam Granth in Punjabi


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