Shelves: vampires , ya , urban-fantasy , paranormal 3. Apart from the fact that 4 teenagers manage to do more than a hundred centuries old vampires can do, this series continues to be extremely unique. It gets more 3. It gets more gothic and atmospheric with every page you read and the setting starts to become more and more interesting. The four friends also begin to mature day by day as they come across danger.

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Claire was a lot more confident this time around, this was great for the reader but not so great for her because it meant that she ended up in even more dangerous situations. The story was full of danger and throughout the book she seemed to go from one disaster to the next, all of which had me on the edge of my seat in suspense. When Shane found himself in a life threatening situation everyone else rallied round to try to save him, this resulted in many more worrying moments for them all, including an evil party and a surprising turn of events which saw Monica the bad girl from book one relying on Claire for help!

I have to admit that I did quite enjoy that part. The introduction of Sam a vampire was very interesting because it showed that not all the vampires in this story were bad and it also gave a little insight into the mysterious world of the founding vampire Amelie.

Killing vamps in Morganville is not a good idea. While I really enjoyed the first book of this series, I found this one even better as there was more excitement, drama and action - where as Glass Houses had to spend a fair amount of time introducing the characters and how the town works and everything. The characters continue to develop nicely, with Claire becoming more confident and mature throughout.

One of the things I really like about this series is the vampires. I also like that the boundaries between good and bad blur a fair amount. The romance is dealt with fantastically. They get to know each other and then realise they like each other.

I thought the sex issue was dealt with really well, finding a good compromise between the Claire being to innocent to even think of it and all out pouncing on each other. It added another dimension to their relationship.

More True Blood that Twilight. The four characters are now a family -in more ways than one- and operate as a whole. The element of romance is introduced. Fast- paced, effortless to read and plenty of action and emotion. Close X Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter Sign up now.


The Dead Girls' Dance : The bestselling action-packed series

Chapter One It didnt happen, Claire told herself. Its a bad dream, just another bad dream. Youll wake up and itll be gone like fog. She had her eyes squeezed tight shut. Her mouth felt dry, shriveled-up, and she was pressed against Shanes hot, solid side, curled up on the couch in the Glass House. Its just a bad dream.


The Dead Girls' Dance

When Shane protests, his dad throws pictures of their family at him. When Shane tries to tell him to leave Michael alone, his dad hits him. Hours later, Shane brings chili for Clair and Eve. A shouting match start up between Shane and Eve where he mentions her brother. She demands a beverage and he storms off to get one. When there is a knock on the door, Clair opens it without thinking.


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