Kizahn Blodgett Welding Design This text is much easier to understand and use. Miller is a recognized authority on the weoded of welded connections. AWS D14 standards are used to support the engineering principles presented in the course. For over 60 years, Lincoln Electric has hosted design seminars that have provided the attendees with ideas of how to make welded products more dependable, lower in cost, and welded in a safe manner.

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Nordquist who has contributed much to the editing and organization of the material from which this manual has been prepared Trustees of the Foundation: Dr. Donald N. Permission to reproduce any material contained herein will be granted upon request, provided proper credit is given to The James F.

Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, P. Box , Cleveland, Ohio, Copyright by The James F. Many variables beyond the control of The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation affect the results obtained in applying this type of information. These variables include, but are not limited to welding proce- dure, plate chemistry and temperature, weldment design, fabrication methods and service requirements. The American Welding Society first published specifications for welded bridges in But early progress came slowly.

During that year, , The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation was created by The Lincoln Electric Company to help advance the progress in welded design and construction. Through its award programs and educational activities, the Foundation provided an exchange of experience and gave impetus to the growing application of welding.

Thus, within the last decade and particularly the past few years, unitized welded design has become widely accepted for high-rise buildings and bridges of nobler proportions in addition to the broad base of more modest structures.

This material represents an interpretation of the best in accumulated experience of all who have participated in prior Foundation activities.

The author has coordinated this with a continuing study of current welding research conducted both in the United States and Europe, and against a background of participation on various code-writing committees. Much of the direct instructional information that resulted has been pretested in over 70 structural seminars attended by over engineers. The author will appreciate having called to his attention any errors that have escaped his attention and invites correspondence on subjects about which the reader may have questions.

Neither the author nor the publisher, however, can assume responsibility for the results of designers using values and formulas contained in the manual since so many variables affect every design. Now, the Foundation.


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Design Of Welded Structures


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