He also came to study the writings of the Desert Fathers and began to develop a strong interest in the history of the Church and of monastic life. During this period, he was appointed to serve as the administrator of the parish of the Foreign Missions until near the close of At this point he demonstrated his interest in the liturgy when he began to use the Roman Missal and texts for the Divine Office , unlike most of his colleagues, who still made use of the Gallican texts commonly in use in pre-Revolutionary France. His decision was made in June , and in December , thanks to private donations, the monastery became his property. Abbaye Solesmes On 11 July , five priests came together in the restored priory at Solesmes, and on 15 August publicly declared their intention of consecrating their lives to the re-establishment of the Order of St.

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He went to seminary in Le Mans, was ordained to the priesthood in and was fascinated by Church history. When in he heard that the priory of Solesmes was about to be demolished, he thought of buying it himself to live Benedictine life there. Helped by some friends and encouraged by his bishop, he scraped together enough money to rent the monastery and moved in with three companions on 11 July The small community was penniless, lacked prestige to attract vocations and, above all, had no experience of monastic life.

Had the undertaking not been an act of faith, it would have been utter madness. He was therefore a living example for his monks. This monastery went on to make foundations, thus resulting in the female branch of the Solesmes Congregation. The liturgy was a special focus for his attention.

He explained liturgical spirituality to the Christian people in The Liturgical Year, which is his most famous book. He died on 30 January at the age of May his devotion to your Holy Church and his filial love for the Immaculate Virgin, inspired by the mystery of the Incarnate Word, be a light for Christians of our own day. Deign, O Lord, to grant the favour we ask you by his intercession, so that his sanctity may be recognized by all and that the Church may soon allow us to invoke him as the one of your blessed and one of your saints.

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Abbaye saint-pierre de solesmes.

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