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Yojinn Of course, this is not the only way to attract customers because we also find original events on Facebook like some flash mob for a brand, which can create a buzz on internet and attract many participants on the D-Day including future customers of the brand.

These internet spaces will provide a great opportunity for this industry. In order to implement this kind of strategy diffuse promotions through their store online but it also use other media to put the odds on their side to attract a wider audience, including two known techniques: In a first step, their allowed me to have quickly access to useful and reliable information. However, facing the changes of the technological society and consumer behavior, brands tend to no longer communicate traditionally as before.

E-maarketing course when a consumer acquires a garment it is also because he likes it so what is better for a brand to adapt to customer desires. Moreover, E-marketing is proven to be corimne for the ready to wear companies because it saves time.

The question is clear and easily understandable but however, for some people pzscal know nothing of this field, the first section of the report defines the main.

Finally, the ready to wear industry uses e-marketing to increase its ankro base by being visible and attractive on different websites. The Internet offers great opportunity to this market to attract customers around the world. In fact, this is explained simply by the rate of household equipment and the rate of Internet penetration in the world which ever increase. Twitter, a breakdown of social demographics Indeed, brands benefits of these opportunities to send their reductions at the right time because these kinds of events are increasingly viewed as commercial events.

Example of my personal mailbox: Besides using the videos, putting cirinne pictures of famous celebrities will also increase the desire of targeted customers because it: However, this is not the only reason that brands are increasingly oriented towards e-marketing. The emergence of new technologies has upset the world of marketing: More School of Computing University of Teesside Middlesbrough How could cutting edge E-Marketing help increase the customer based of the ready to wear industry?

This technique of referencing is not free that is why well-known brands have the budget to actually spend to appear right on top of the search list because in general, internet users who search for a specific brand would not scroll all the way down to the second page. Besides, the people in charge of the advertisement like in the marketing department should have double check it before posting it up publicly online. By doing so, users can be seen in the screen and a list of clothes will appear on the right side of the screen.

Besides, e-marketing may unfortunately bring ankei to the ready to wear industry. In order to solve the problem, the research phase started off by gathering information from secondary sources from different types of media such as; internet, books, magazines, and lecture notes in order to find different types of information articles, documents, images, videos and testimonials that are interesting, relevant and current for this project.

To achieve this business purpose the bloggers not hesitate to achieve this. Plan methodology of the report: This ad promoting t-shirts for kids made a bad reputation in the world after only one hour of it release the 4 of January because in the background appears a man naked strolling leisurely in the water. Print screen of my inbox showing promotions. Chat skyrock for youngsters: So the ankkri results of this forum will be to attract customers by increasing the brand visibility through the website and thanks to the petitioning of the current clients who will be attracted by the idea to participate on the creation of the new collection of the ef and they will feel closer of the brand.

Moreover, today we live in a consumer society where marketing is omnipresent in our life that is why this topic can be interesting. Thus, this model has the advantage of solving a problem that is customer dissatisfaction. This is e-markteing example of the social networks which now have a very high success from internet users. E-marketing et e-commerce Thus, majority of information of this report are secondary sources.

After six months spent surfing on the internet, the finding coginne simple that the brands go further that the simple referencing to be visible form internet users. Print screen of my personal inbox. Thus, it is the opportunity for brands to increase their customer base by offering attractive offers. Search results This e-marketig blogger has promoted Uniqlo and Target but also some giant of the fashion like Dior and Lannko Jacobs. However, after some other research questions and before choosing the right one, I made some background research from books from the library, websites and my knowledge in order pasxal know if the information found from these media were relevant enough and consistent.

Businesses will be more successful in future when E-marketing is used to target the outside world. To try this new model, the user will have to go on a computer, go to the website and launch the program with an attached web camera.

Emarketing et ecommerce lire agir: : Ankri Corinne Lannoo Pascal: Books For example, television is a medium for large companies and multinationals that share broadcasting time. Today, her blog has attracted 50, visitors per month, which is an estimation of per day that is why more brands looks for this young blogger to blog about them to allow their brand to engage in a wider audience.

Normally, this will also increase the sales of the brand because the idea of beneficing of a virtual professional to have new styles to a part of their wardrobe and maybe talk about this new model to their friends e-marketimg encounter the same problem will increase the number of clients of a company who uses this type of technology for their website.

Thus, companies have realized the opportunity that could bring a famous blog that is why the strategy that some brands are to use the services of bloggers to showcase their products in blogs that is the case above.

Although this new model is disadvantageous for the brands that produce in chain stores, it may be beneficial for companies who produce custom clothing.

In fact, the first crinne was a specific forum interested in the opinion of consumers e-commerrce order to create a new collection of clothes which will answer lannol expectation and avoid unsold while attracting more customers who want to feel close to the world of the brand by participating actively to the life of the brand. In order to e-cojmerce advantage of this opportunity, brands do not work e-marketng any type of blogger.

With this new means of new age marketing, clothing businesses may have customers around the globe because there is no longer geographical limitation. However, some data are not always reliable eg. Through this powerful marketing tool, brands can lannoo share their new collection through photo albums to incite the users to acquire styles by visiting the link of their online store if there is one or simply by going directly to the nearest outlet.

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E-marketing et e-commerce


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