Summers are always hot and who would not love to have chilled drinks during those hot days. With an under-counter ice maker, you get stock of ice cubes whenever required and the only thing you have to do is chill your drinks with ice cubes from the ice maker. You have the choice of selecting among a wide variety of ice makers available in the market which varies in size, specifications, residential or commercial purpose and so on. The ice maker machine offers ice cubes in different shapes which includes bullet, gourmet, crescent, nugget shaped and so on. We have reviewed the best under counter ice makers in this article so that you can make your personal choice of ice maker machine with ease.

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You might have thought that making ice was simple; you cool down water until it freezes, right? The highly-complex process of creating ice is carried out by four key components: an evaporator, a condenser, a throttle valve, and a compressor. The condenser then changes this vapor into liquid via a process of either air-cooling or water-cooling, depending on the type of under-counter ice maker.

This is then drained into the throttle valve and transformed into a low-pressure liquid. Finally, the evaporator changes the liquid into ice, ready for you to use. Here are just three of the many benefits of using an ice maker: 1 They can save you money It makes little sense to pay more than you need to for bags of ice when you can make your own. Factors to Consider When Buying an Undercounter Ice Maker Before we jump into the list of the best undercounter ice makers, here are a few factors you should look out for: Placement Options Carefully consider the space you have available and choose an ice maker that will fit where you want it to go.

Some ice makers are designed to be freestanding, whereas others are built-in. Some machines also require additional space to allow for ventilation.

These types of ice makers have to be more durable and have a more powerful cooling mechanism to offset environmental factors. Type of Ice Another vital factor to consider is the type of ice that the ice maker makes. Ice comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from shaved ice to large cubes. Different types of ice are best suited to various tasks. For example, flake ice is excellent for snow cones, but not so good at cooling beverages. Production Rate The production rate refers to how much ice an ice maker can create in a given timeframe.

We usually talk about production rate in terms of days. For example, some high-capacity machines can produce up to and over kilos of ice per day. Other, smaller devices produce substantially less than that. Size Another factor worth considering is the size. For example, portable ice makers tend to be smaller and more lightweight, which makes them easier to use.

Think about where you plan on storing your ice maker and choose one with the right dimensions. Affordability Naturally, price is an essential factor too.

The most expensive machines will be the most powerful with the highest production rates. Drain Options Usually, ice machines need to be plumbed into a drain line. This is because the ice they create eventually melts and is continuously replaced by new ice.

The water from the melted ice needs somewhere to drain out. However, some types of ice makers double-up as a kind of freezer and keep the ice frozen. How easy is it to install? How often are you going to need to perform maintenance?

And how easy and effortless are the components to clean? Pro tip: Water filters extend the lifespan of your machine and help reduce any build-up of minerals, dirt, and debris, thus reducing maintenance needs. If easy maintenance is a priority, choose an ice maker with a built-in water filter. You can choose an ice maker that suits the overall aesthetic of the room you plan on keeping it in.

How energy efficient a model depends on things like how big it is, the material used in the evaporator plate, and more. Manitowoc UYFA


To proceed, please verify that you are not a robot.

Page 6: Important Safeguards All other servicing should be referred to a qualified technician. Use two or more people to move and install ice maker. Failure to do so can result in a back injury or other injury. Page 7: Technical Information Never turn the water supply tap off when the ice maker is working.


EdgeStar IB Series Ice Maker Service Documents


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