World[ edit ] The Rowan stories take place in a fictional world, and each book always begin in the small village of Rin, an isolated valley that rests at the foot of the forbidden Mountain. West of the Mountain is an unnavigable wasteland, and east of Rin lies a river that runs into the sea. On the coast is the larger, more populous city of Maris, home to the fish-like Maris people. It is stated in Rowan and the Zebak that Maris is the only point on the coast where ships can land safely, as north and south of Maris the coast is lined by hazardous rocks and steep cliffs. Across the sea, to the east, lies the Land of the Zebak; the Zebak territory is a desert, its city reunited in steel walls and protected from land threats by the desolate, hazard-ridden Wastelands.

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People in Rin were expected to grow up handling every physic aspect of life with perfection. But not Rowan. He was always too skinny, too thin, too scared Useless. All the kids always made fun of him. The only thing that he never failed to do was to look after the villages bukshas, a kind of breed between cow and sheep.

Until the bukshas lake rans dry and no one knows Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange : The Story Rowan always felt a stranger on his own village. He was always too skinny, too thin, too scared… Useless. The only creatures that ever believed him and never made fun of him.

That trusted him. Even if it scared him to death. As always, Brazilian publishers took so long between a book and other that I stopped reading it on the second book and when I got myself the third book, I could hardly remember the story at all. Hence the re-read, haha! Rowan of Rin was everything good that I knew I had felt on my first reading and more.

I also read the following book in one seating, haha! Only the third was spilt on two sittings as life is not fair. They observe a lot and pay attention to so many nice things, but they tend to not think about themselves a lot. He rarely judges people, as he is always occupied trying to understand them. You gotta love the boy. Also, I really wished to know his age.

Oh, well. I feel the need of highlighting the world that Rodda created for this series. Thank you once again for reading!


Rowan of Rin




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