Voodoolkree You may want to ask around on those, I know the folks here ke share some opinions. Join the HC Newsletter. Ensoniq KS 32 manual? You can get the german version here: A number of them are just the internal sounds mixes from the other models, so do your homework before you buy any. What is the KS Edit? Does anyone have the manual in a PDF format?

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The KS Keyboard Combines a great sounding synthesizer with a fantastic recordable Weighted Keyboard, making it Both as a synthesizer, as well as Master keyboard is Suitable. The KS has a channel aftertouch, bit FX processor, a powerful track sequencer with Mixdown functions and 32 voices.

With 32 votes Increases Maximum number of simultaneous notes, dass die flexibility in Layers of sounds and preset creation Increases, chord voicings Allows improved and much more detail in the sequencer. Different reverb, chorus, flanging, delay, Distortion and even Roto-speaker programs are dynamic overmany Influenced parameter.

The Sequencer The 16 track sequencer Combines ease of programming with extensive editing capabilities gene rally only place in Software can be found sequencers.

Up to 8, notes be recorded expandable to 58, notes with the additional SQX 70 extension at a resolution of 96 beats per quarter Note for precise timing. It stores up to 70 sequences complementary to 30 Songs can be connected. Are, after recording tracks Post-processing functions: such as quantization, time shift and Single-step editing available with your music in Which a Can make way did you would have thought in this kind of impossible.

And always with the option of each work and change with the to compare the old version before you choose the better option decide. The Auto Punch function Allows accurate setting Points for once out and out, just like in professional Recording studios. MIDI master keyboard The track sequencer buttons so enable the combination of up to 16 internal or external MIDI sounds so did you own Can create sound Combinations or splits, what the performance Options greatly Increased.

This can track Combinations be saved as presets performance and Quickly retrieve. The KS even has a Which special key with default presets presets pattern create blank, In Which then Layers and Splits are already ready prepared. The instruction manual This guide is your key to understanding the full capabilities the KS At this point, They Are Perhaps a little unsure of what As for the handling of your new instrument.

The rest of this part a brief description of the most important security and Assembly Measures. If you tried all the sounds and on impression of the bandwidth got this synthesizer, and are willing to go into the matter enter, take the time to the rest of the instructions with the Share on sound programming, sequencing and storage practices to read. You will receive valuable support and tips. Your learning process the new KS will greatly accelerated and facilitated.

Again, Thank you and have fun with the new KS Enjoy the music! The other end belongs to a grounded wall outlet the correct voltage is at Label with the serial number on the back. Switch the KS 32, making the display lights up surethat. If not, recheck all connections. Power supply - grounding Like many modern electronic devices, Including your KS has a three-wire To Ensure power cord with a grounding for safe operation. There are other products using only two-wire power cords did not do Have grounding.

Make sure all your devices with grounded did Power cables are fitted. This extension cords and thus Applies to Distribution boxes. Ideally you connect all devices of your system the same circuit on. This way, you avoid ground loops. Voltage conditions Like any computer stops responding and the KS sensitive to voltage acute and waste. Lightning strikes, power outages or surges in Network can disrupt your internal memory and in some Cases May even damage the hardware.

There are so distribution with built-in Surge protection, Which are slightly more expensive than Conventional manifold. A reasonable purchase, then! This is the best, albeit expensive solution for Voltage problems. In addition to protection against overvoltage Ensures a network stabilizer so well protected from Voltage dips.

If the KS, oft under difficult Operate current conditions, you shoulderstand purchase essential in Draw consideration. Chill Guidelines Inside the KS are Numerous computerized, electronic circuits with strong temperature fluctuations Could be damaged. If the KS after a long stay in extreme cold is returned in a heated room, forms in the Device moisture by condensation as a glasses fog. Shall the device turned on, it can cause short circuits. Extreme high temparatures impacting Both circuits as well as the housing.

A stereo system is good for playing CDs, Records or cassettes Suitable - the dynamic range of synthesis media is limited and your speakers are not strong Refer to Exposed level or frequency hopping. But if the dynamic range is a CD higher than that of a record, so a CD is even more harmless Compared to the uncompressed unlimited Output power of a professional keyboards. Search Keyboards can damage your speakers as well.

If your KS so be sure to want to run on the stereo system, go Your boxes to love only small volumes. This can lead to conflict or crashes. If did sometimes happens, turn the receiving device just yet off and then on again. The battery in the KS has a life span of about five Years.

You want to know When The time comes, the KS because you telling time. Battery low see manual. Re-initialization of the KS The flexibility and performance of the KS lies in the fact, did he really is a computer-a computer shaped like a key instrument, but of despite everything a computer. If you ever have a Have been working computer, you shoulderstand load the operating system and the Reinitialize after an error message already be familiar with.

The reinitialize the KS corresponds to the re-boot a computer. There are several factors to consider When KS as with any computer crash the operating system can lead - voltage transients diseases, loss of power, charges etc. As with any computer, can rare, misleading or illogical sequences of commands Commands confuse the software and illogical results sen lead. Sometimes there already helps a one off and on again Power Ups. If did does not help, the device May have to re-initialize be.

When re-initialized Should be: If the KS Itself Behaves Strangely, the display illogical View or outputs "Unexpected Events" messages Appear in the Sequezer and unforeseen things happen in the edit area, try to re-initialize only once before the Service Department endeavor. The 80 manufacturing RAM sounds become more Automatically loaded into the internal memory. The LED lights up.

The Up button thus functions as a Yes button to To answer questions from the display the Down button Applies accordingly Speaking as No. In this tutorial we will focus on the most important applications of the KS, to familiarize you with some of the most important components and features. Nevertheless, please read Part 2 - Overview and the rest of the operator ating instructions for getting all cooperation as described in this section hang and features really understand completely.


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