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Hindus believe that Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil, sits in perpetual meditation on the mountain. Tibetan Buddhists believe that the Buddha Demchok, who represents supreme bliss, lives on the mountain. No human has managed to scale Mount Kailash. There have been many legends of people dying in the attempt to climb the mountain.

The Chinese authorities, knowing the religious sensitivity of the matter, have officially banned alpinists from attempting a climb. Russians, like Indians, have been fascinated with the mountain for a long time.

Nicholas Roerich wrote about Mount Kailash and one of his most famous paintings portrays the path to the mountain.

There are several legends about Russian climbers in the 19th and early 20th centuries trying to scale the mountain and vanishing. A Siberian mountaineer once told me about a group of climbers who climbed beyond a particular point and suddenly aged by a few decades. According to his story, they died of old age a year later! Roerich believed in the existence of a mystical kingdom called Shambala in the vicinity of Mount Kailash. Some Hindu sects refer to Shambala as Kapapa, and believe that perfect people reside there.

His team comprised of experts in geology, physics and history. The team met several Tibetan lamas and spent several months around the foot of the sacred mountain.

Manmade pyramid? He claimed that it was surrounded by many smaller pyramids and could be the centre of all paranormal activities. Dr Ernst Muldashev. There are also references to the moutain in the vedas he adds. Muldashev believes that the pyramids were built by ancient and advanced people who knew about the laws of subtle energy. He wrote that the mountain is the most important part of a system of ancient monumental structures and is directly connected with the main pyramids of the earth such as the pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan.

Onwards to the Past , a Russian-English bilingual website explores this theory in great details. These claims have also been dismissed by doctors in the UK. It does make me happy to know that the Chinese government respects the sentiments of Hindus and Buddhists worldwide and will not let anyone try and scale Mount Kailash- which is also referred to as a Stairway to Heaven.


Ernst Muldashev

Офтальмология[ править править код ] Мулдашев является заслуженным врачом РФ [4] [5] , доктором медицинских наук, профессором. Член правления Общества офтальмологов России [6]. Хирург высшей категории, почетный консультант Луисвиллского университета США , член Американской академии офтальмологии, дипломированный офтальмолог Мексики, член Международной академии наук [1]. С его слов, им опубликовано более научных работ, ежегодно проводит — операций на глазах [7].


Мулдашев, Эрнст Рифгатович

Member of the Board of the Society of Ophthalmologists of Russia. Surgeon of the highest category, honorary consultant at the University of Louisville USA , a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology , a certified ophthalmologist of Mexico , a member of the International Academy of Sciences. There is a known case of the alleged treatment of the hopeless disease of the well-known tamer Teresa Durova, after which, according to the patient herself, [5] [6] the opportunity to see returned to her. Ophthalmologists deny the reality of the effectiveness of an eye transplant operation to restore vision, due to the fundamental impossibility of restoring the visual nerve. Commenting on the situation, Muldashev himself said that he made a transplant of the cornea and retina. The theory is pseudoscientific. Exposure[ edit ] To finally unravel the secrets of this mystical country of Shambhala, an expedition of Russian scientists and climbers went to Tibet.

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