The unlucky count was drowned in a crossing of the Rhine , and the commission came to nothing. Three galante works followed, a volume of the latest courtly expressions and the right moves, [2] one reporting bons mots and witty anecdotes of railery [3] and one on the bon usage of the French spoken at Court, contrasted with middle-class expressions, for people of quality to avoid. At the end of negotiations he signed the Peace of Ryswick for France in , the high point of his diplomacy. His success brought him an appointment as one of the private secretaries of the king.

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He conducted himself so well during this period that he was awarded the prestigious cross of Saint-Louis in partly under the recommendation of Buade de Frontenac. He ranked as captain in the regiment of Navarre.

He came to Canada in , and was appointed Governor of Montreal at the request of the Sulpicians who were Seigneurs of the island. In he marched to the defense of Quebec , when it was besieged by William Phips. A valiant and experienced soldier, he aided Frontenac in saving New France from the Iroquois and in raising the prestige of the French flag. He was one of the first to receive the Cross of St.

Louis Having succeeded Frontenac in , he devoted all his skill and energy to the pacification of the indigenous nations. The treaty of Montreal , agreed to by representatives of 39 nations, was the crowning result of all his efforts. One of the most conspicuous figures in Canadian history, he left a reputation of disinterestedness, honour, and probity. In , thanks to his ability to imitate the royal handwriting and to his mastery of the French language, succeeded Toussaint Rose as the secretary "who held the pen.

External links[ edit ] Zoltvany, Yves F. In Hayne, David ed. Dictionary of Canadian Biography. II — online ed. University of Toronto Press.


Louis-Hector de Callière

Des bons mots, des bons contes de leur usage, de la raillerie des anciens, de la raillerie et des railleurs de notre temps, Parijs, , heruitgave Slatkine, De Amerikaans president Thomas Jefferson was er een bewonderaar van en hij had er een exemplaar van in zijn bibliotheek. Na hem hebben heel wat Engelse en Amerikaanse personaliteiten het boek geprezen. Onder hen bevond zich John Kenneth Galbraith , die schreef: Men mag zich afvragen wat er na dit boek nog meer aan het onderwerp is toe te voegen. Was het boek voornamelijk gericht op de staathuishoudkunde en op de diplomatieke onderhandelingen die dienden te worden gevoerd om oorlogen en conflicten te vermijden, werd in de tweede helft van de twintigste eeuw, de deugdelijkheid van de erin verkondigde principes ontdekt voor toepassing in allerhande aspecten van het leven. Het boek werd voortaan gebruikt door docenten die de onderhandelingen in de handelswereld onderwezen.


François de Callières



Callières et l’art de la négociation


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