Grozahn This page was last edited on 31 Augustat Before the second half of your Angels experience discuss major plot points character arcs and themes. Men Women Total Cast. While there, Claire meets Millet, a kind man with an apparent mental disability and a bad-mouthed puppet. Sdript Italiano Edit links.

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Production history[ edit ] The play premiered Off-Broadway at the Manhattan Theatre Club , running from November 2, to January 2, [1] and transferred to the Minetta Lane Theatre on January 27, , closing in April after 16 previews and 78 performances there. Kenny and Nicholas Le Prevost. Richard — about forty, a chatty, friendly, sometimes nervous man. Kenny — seventeen, a troubled teen. Limping Man — about forty, lisping, limping, half-blind, half-deaf man with secrets unknown to anyone else.

Millet — thirties or forties, an odd man with a puppet. Heidi — thirties or forties, a tough woman in uniform. Synopsis[ edit ] Claire awakens one morning to discover that she is married to a hospital worker named Richard and has a son, Kenny, who has an attitude problem. She learns she has a "psychogenic" form of amnesia, and Richard gives her a book he prepared about her life after re-explaining everything so many times.

Everything is as it seems until Zach, or "Limping Man" as he is referred to in the script, appears from under the bed. He claims he is there to rescue Claire and that Richard wants to kill her.

Gertie is not fond of Zach but cannot say why because of her aphasia. While there, Claire meets Millet, a kind man with an apparent mental disability and a bad-mouthed puppet. It is revealed that Millet and Zach have escaped from prison, although why they were brought to prison remains a mystery. Meanwhile, Richard takes Kenny to search for Claire. But in the meantime Millet — through his puppet — has told Claire about how her husband used to beat her, and she wants nothing to do with Richard.

She has also found out that the real Zach, her brother, is dead. As Richard, Kenny and Heidi are entering the house, Claire does not know whom to trust. Gertie takes advantage of the opportunity and stabs Limping Man. Richard has a criminal past and had framed Millet for stealing an expensive ring. Heidi meanwhile turns out to be a prison cook who met Phil during his time in prison.

We find that Heidi was posing as a police officer to stop Richard and Kenny from reaching Claire, but when Limping Man professes his love for Claire, Heidi turns her back on him. The final act reveals yet another twist. Kenny tells of how Richard worked at the hospital where Claire was staying and proposed to her on a daily basis, taking advantage of her memory loss.

Apparently, in his attempt to reform his criminal past, he was desperate for companionship; however, all that matters for Claire is that the trio are a family now. Reception[ edit ] The production was acclaimed, with sold-out audiences and mostly positive critical reactions, with the New York Times , New York Magazine and Variety among its proponents. Lindsay-Abaire established himself as a lyrical and understanding chronicler of people who somehow become displaced within their own lives.

Lindsay-Abaire blends cliched ingredients into something savory and distinctive, with scarcely a tinge of residual staleness Its prevailing mood is manic, its characters tend towards oddball bizarre. The plot spins wildly out of control with Act 1 ending in total bedlam.


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