Go back to all Introduction Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. From such a perspective, most of the contemporary managers seem to be insane. Because you cannot expect different results from your team by sitting in your corner office and only attending KPI meetings. Instead, you need to see where the real work happens.

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Download 1 — The attitude of the Gemba management Management must demonstrate exemplary behavior regarding Lean Spirit. He must have a positive and proactive attitude towards a change approach and welcome new Lean projects with the initiative of these teams or the Lean teams of the company.

To help him in this mission, the precepts of Gemba Kanri give us the elements below2. It is still necessary to know them and to enforce them.

Managers must always rely on valid standards to make decisions. It must ensure the presence of the staff but also materials and equipment to produce. For that, 2 axes of work. This goes through the mastery of his Gemba. He must be able to understand it, to see the evolutions and to take a step back from him to know where to go.

Take stock of the improvements implemented and those to come. Know what are the real requirements of customers as long as the expectations in terms of quality than quantity Takt Time. Have a thorough knowledge of applied standards and working ranges. Master the equipment present: brand, history, state, technology… 3. Thus, it must be punctually dedicated to projects to remove barriers, ensure compliance with rules presenteeism … the smooth running of projects and provide expertise and vision of the field.

It should be noted that the pilot will have to congratulate the staff for their various participations in the progress process. On a daily basis, the local manager drives the progress process. In this, he actively contributes to the suggestion system and passes the right messages.

Lean is the result of an individual and team contribution. We mean by the term innovation, the fact : To participate in various projects for the design of new products or processes. Is it just for information but also to bring his expertise and knowledge of the Gemba.

Les outils du Gemba Kanri Empower teams Whether to solve problems or suggest suggestions for improvements, the local manager strives to make his teams autonomous. To know how to delegate To be able to delegate is a quality must have the proximity manager. Not only to fulfill the goal of autonomy but also to allow it to focus on tasks where it has more value added.

Delegation is not more risky than anything else. The delegation is not necessary, it is accepted. To find ways to convince. Once delegated, do not systematically check.

Managerial routines In order to standardize the management, the proximity manager must set up management routines. These routines consist of both informational meetings post meeting, monthly meeting … and audits. The manager goes to the field, finds out for himself the facts and decides with the team actions and countermeasures.

This allows him to take the atmosphere of the field and take stock of the events of the day before. The goal is to be able to share the information of the day and prepare the work of the night if there is. This is also the time to organize audit tours. As we said, the proximity manager is the guarantor of the maintenance of improvements and working conditions.

The stakes are to allow the teams to react autonomously in case of gaps and to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a group.

The next team erases data from the previous team. Hour after hour, the team filled by hand the quantity produced. At each change of series, the new rate is display.

When a problem arises, I record it in the observations and take the necessary actions in compliance with the standards. At the end of the post I post on the graph the OEE of the team. The marching board is used during the team leader and area manager routines. The manager will have to follow trainings to master the principles and tools. Source 1 — J. Durand, P. Stewart, J.

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