Through Barbey, Bond meets an uncouth millionaire named Milton Krest who has offered the two the job of aiding him in the search for a rare fish named "The Hildebrand Rarity". After agreeing to help, the three as well as Mrs. Elizabeth Krest set off aboard the Wavekrest in search of the fish. During the journey Bond learns that Mr. Krest verbally and physically abuses everyone around him, specifically his wife whom he punishes with the use of a sting ray tail he dubs "The Corrector".

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Edit James Bond has neen sent to evaluate the Seychelles in case the Royal Navy base in the Maldives might have to move due to Communist saboteurs based out of Ceylon. He hunts the creature, calculatedly, from a distance.

Bond rarely hunts fish, but this fish is an enemy, with its evil stinging tail. The local men used to use stingray tails as weapons to control their wives, but the cruel practice has been outlawed. Bond finally finds his moment and shoots the stingray. The beast fights him, and Bond drags it to the beach. Bond is approached by his local guide and friend Fidele Barbey , whose family basically runs the Seychelles, to go along on an expedition.

Bond goes along, but is immediately put off by the rude, crude, domineering Krest, who constantly insults his guests, shows off, and intimidates his wife Elizabeth , a beautiful, kind, young Englishwoman. Bond quickly finds Krest unbearable, but enjoys the company of Elizabeth.

At the island, Bond and Fidele go diving to search for the Hildebrand Rarity, a unique type of fish only seen before in that location. Bond is repulsed, and ends up attempting to sabotage Krest by giving the signal at the wrong time, just to spite him. Despite his best efforts, the Rarity wanders into the poison and is killed. Liz comes out and talks to him, and Krest comes out just in time to see her hold his hand.

Bond stands down, the Krests leave, and Bond hears him beating her again. He goes to sleep and wakes up during the night to hear Krest snoring in his hammock on an elevated deck amidships, then a crash and choking sounds. He goes up and finds Krest dead, choked to death by the specimen Rarity. Not wanting to be involved in an inquest where he would be a suspect, too, Bond cleans up the scene to make it look like the frayed hammock snapped and Krest rolled off the side of the ship, and throws the body overboard, Rarity included.

Bond points it out, and still has no clues by the time they arrive back in the Seychelles. Liz, taken with how helpful Bond has been, invites him to sail with her aboard the yacht for Mombasa rather than waiting for the Navy.

Bond is tempted, but worried about getting involved with a killer woman; he agrees, though. She then offers Bond a lift to Mombasa. He accepts, albeit with reservations. Background Edit In April Fleming flew to the Seychelles via Bombay to report for The Sunday Times on a treasure hunt; although the hunt was not as exciting as he hoped, Fleming used many of the details of the island for "The Hildebrand Rarity".


James Bond 007 – Lizenz zum Töten

Champion Harpoon Gun, Wilkinsons Commando Dagger When James Bond is reviewing his equipment for his undersea trek to the Isle of Surprise in Live and Let Die, he inventories it as follows: There was a new and powerful Champion harpoon gun and a commando dagger of the type devised by Wilkinsons during the war. Finally, in a box covered with danger-labels, there was the heavy limpet mine, a flat cone of explosive on a base, studded with wide copper bosses, so powerfully magnetized that the mine would stick like a clam to any metal hull. There were a dozen pencil-shaped metal and glass fuses set for ten minutes to eight hours and a careful memorandum of instructions that were as simple as the rest of the gear. There was even a box of benzedrine tablets to give endurance and heightened perception during the operation and an assortment of underwater torches, including one that threw only a tiny pencil-thin beam. The harpoon was tipped with a needle-sharp trident — a short-range weapon, but the best for reef work. Adding additional bands increases the power potential in a linear fashion i.


The Hildebrand Rarity

Plots[ edit ] "From a View to a Kill" [ edit ] Bond investigates the murder of a motorcycle dispatch-rider and the theft of his top-secret documents by a motorcycle-riding assassin. Since Bond is already in Paris, his superior, M , sends him to assist in the investigation in any way he can. Bond disguises himself as a dispatch-rider and follows the same journey to Station F as the previous rider: as expected, the assassin attempts to kill Bond. Bond, however, is ready and kills the assassin.

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