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These ports are used for local and remote maintenance. Environment monitoring port Through the port, various environment parameters collected by the monitoring device are reported to the host. In addition, the MA supports subtending networking configurations through the Ethernet ports. After processing the service packets from these subscribers, the MA transmits the packets to the upper layer device. Private line interconnection solution The MA provides private line interconnection services for enterprise subscribers.

The private line interconnection can provide the transparent transmission of the private VLAN and services to the peer end.

The MA supports a complete range of multicast protocols from the subscriber side to the network side. This provides a foundation for operability and manageability of broadband multicast services. The N optimizes the line profile of the MA through the optimization profile. In this way, the line is dynamically optimized. The N guarantees line services and locates line faults when it is functioning.

It also provides excellent line management solutions, meets the line analysis and management requirements of operators, and reduces the operation expenditure OPEX. By working with the N, the MA implements the following functions: Quickly diagnoses and analyzes the digital subscriber line DSL network conditions and rectifies the fault. Guarantees the quality of the DSL network and lines, and improves the service quality for subscribers. Increases the rates of the services in the entire network, and introduces new services that require broader bandwidth and higher line quality.

When the MA works with the N, the N automatically adjusts the line parameters of a single line and implements the following functions: Guarantees high stability and performance of a single DSL, and improves the stability and performance of the DSL services on each port. Reduces the cost for maintaining the loop line.

This ensures the reliable running of the MA System Design The following are the outstanding features of system design of the MA The system design complies with carrier-class reliability indexes. The system has comprehensive exception handling capabilities. The system is self-healing, which offers a mean time between failures MTBF of more than , hours. The system has passed the electrostatic discharge ESD test. The system features the lightning proof and the anti-interference functions.

The system offers diverse alarm information for quick fault detection and rectification. The system supports remote maintenance. The system supports component normalization in selection and control. Component design of the device is up to the derating design and meets the reliability requirement. Integrated Equipment Design The following are the important features related to the integrated equipment design of the MA The system complies with the RoHS requirement.

Hardware Design The following are the important features related to the hardware design of the : The system backs up the important hardware unit. The system supports the uplink protection and backup. All service boards and the control board are hot swappable. Software Design The following are the important features related to the software design of the MA Modularized and platform-based design Advanced design methods such as object-orientation, fault tolerance, fault correction, and automatic recovery Compliance with capability maturity model CMM Smooth online software upgrading Rollback of the software version Heat Dissipation Design The following are the important features related to the heat dissipation design of the MA The heat dissipation system provides a redundancy backup to ensure the service running when a fan is faulty.

The fans adopts air exhaust mode or blowing mode, and the fans are hot swappable. The host software supports controlling the fan speed. The system supports reporting the hardware version and software version online, real-time upgrading and loading the board software and host software online, and real-time loading and managing the patch online. The system supports super patches including independent patches and cold patches.

This helps carriers create unified network monitoring and automatic service supporting platform. Security Management The N BMS supports sufficient user management and authentication functions for managing the shelves and boards of the managed devices.

Environment Monitoring The MA provides environment monitoring ports. These ports connect to the environment monitoring module through special cables. In this way, the environment data, such as temperature, humidity, power supply voltage, smog, and fan state can be collected. This helps implement remote or unattended maintenance. Software Upgrade The control board supports online upgrade in addition to the version rollback operation in case of an upgrade failure.

The MA supports upgrading the patch for the board software. The MA adopts the smooth upgrade to upgrade devices. More related:.


Huawei SmartAX MA5600t оптическая линия терминальное оборудование GPON OLT

Особенности Откройте для себя надежные решения для оптического доступа серии SmartAX MA T от Huawei с высокой емкостью и простым переходом к сверхпропускной способности. Разделяя платформу разработки с устройствами широкополосного доступа Huawei, продукт серии MAT поддерживает функции уровня 2 и уровня 3 устройств широкополосного доступа, чтобы обеспечить ориентированные на пользователя и ориентированные на будущее функции. Какого-либо доступа Обслуживание IPTV большой емкости, 8 K многоадресных пользователей и 4 K многоадресных каналов и 2 k параллельных многоадресных каналов. E-LAN функция для локального межсетевого трафика, отвечает требованиям предприятия и сети кампуса. Поддерживает на дальние расстояния. Максимальная физическая дальность передачи ОНТ составляет 60 км. Физическое расстояние между самым дальним и самым близким ОНТ может достигать 20 км.


Huawei SmartAX MA5600t Optical Line Terminal Equipment GPON OLT

The device supports various applications, such as home user access, enterprise access, and hot spot coverage. Provides a built-in power amplifier optional. This feature ensures that no change is required on the HFC network with a fiber node coverage greater than home passes. Provides new enterprise VPN access services.

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