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Some networking standards are not part of the IEEE Generally, faster speeds require both higher-grade cables and more sophisticated encoding. Other networking standards do not use the Ethernet frame format but can still be connected to Ethernet using MAC-based bridging. Feedback Contact Us Accessibility. All of them use a star topology.

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This harmonization of the two standards led to the removal of separate software development and software reuse processes, bringing the total number of processes from 43 down to the 30 processes defined in It also caused changes to the quality management and quality assurance process activities and outcomes.

Additionally, the definition of " audit " and related audit activities were updated. The standard "does not prescribe a specific software life cycle model, development methodology , method, modelling approach, or technique.

A stage is typically a period of time and ends with a "primary decision gate". The same process often recurs within different stages. Stages aka phases are not the same as processes, and this standard only defines specific processes - it does not define any particular stages. Instead, the standard acknowledges that software life cycles vary, and may be divided into stages also called phases that represent major life cycle periods and give rise to primary decision gates.

It also notes that a common set of stages for software is concept exploration, development, sustainment, and retirement. The life cycle processes the standard defines are not aligned to any specific stage in a software life cycle. Indeed, the life cycle processes that involve planning, performance, and evaluation "should be considered for use at every stage". In practice, processes occur whenever they are needed within any stage. Acquisition covers all the activities involved in initiating a project.

The acquisition phase can be divided into different activities and deliverables that are completed chronologically. During the supply phase a project management plan is developed. This plan contains information about the project such as different milestones that need to be reached. Organizational project-enabling processes[ edit ] Detailed here are life cycle model management, infrastructure management, portfolio management , human resource management , quality management, and knowledge management processes.

Life cycle model management helps ensure acquisition and supply efforts are supported, while infrastructure and portfolio management supports business and project-specific initiatives during the entire system life cycle.

If an organization does not have an appropriate set of organizational processes, a project executed by the organization may apply those processes directly to the project instead.


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IEEE STD 802.3AP-2007 PDF


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