Photo courtesy of Flickr user johnrodgers. In the Valley of Longevity, in southern Ecuador, visitors find the quiet and legendary town that has inspired travelers for decades—Vilcabamba. Once just another of a thousand beautiful Andean villages, this community of about 4, people is today one of the hottest destinations for outsiders seeking their own little piece of Shangri-La. The town, of affordable goods and productive soils, promises new life—not to mention long life—for both vacationers and expats, and in the past two decades Vilcabamba has become an uncanny magnet and New Age watering hole for soul-searchers dabbling in everything from agriculture to shamanism to hallucinogens.

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At Vilcabamba, International University Early diet ideas Johnny Lovewisdom originally promoted a strict fruit diet but later changed it to the "Vitarian" diet with vegetables, raw yogurt , clabber , kefir and avocado.

Experimenting with many diets throughout his life, including a diet of papaya leaf salads with clabber, which he claimed healed an avascular tumor, [3] he also promoted "Modern Live Juice Therapy", breatharianism the idea that humans do not need food or water and can live on "spiritual energy" alone. He suffered from paralysis, poor eyesight and neurological problems, which he claimed to be a result of working as a farm laborer in the pesticide contaminated orchards of California.

The reporter later changed the title to Danger In Paradise. There were two previous articles, Dec. Their farm was sold in to John W. They moved to Florida. There, Marian Windish met Walter Siegmeister at her college. He told her of his dream to make a super-race who worship the sun. When Siegmeister met Lovewisdom in Ecuador in , they spoke of plans for creating a paradisian utopia and a super-race in the Ecuadorean jungle, but Lovewisdom later stated that he only wanted to begin what he called a Propitiatory Shelter for the Apocalyptic Camp of the Saints.

International University of Natural Living In the s, Lovewisdom lived as a hermit in the mountain crater lake, Quilotoa , in Ecuador , [9] [10] which he felt would shield residents from nuclear fallout. Alexander Leaf of Harvard University , both gerontologists, visited Lovewisdom due to his many articles on the longevity of the Vilcabamban people.

Reincarnation Wearing a white robe and cross. Lovewisdom believed himself to be the reincarnation of Ananda the primary disciple of Buddha , Milarepa and John the Baptist. D in Philosophy and Agronomy. He founded the "Pristine Order of Paradisian Perfection", a religious order, which was registered with the Ecuadorean government, and later founded the International University of the Vitalogical Sciences.

Final years The early 20th century nature cure movement inspired authors such as George R. Siegmeister told of his search for the safest place on Earth from radioactive fallout in order to build a paradise, [15] an idea later developed by Lovewisdom in Handbook on Radioactive Nuclear Fallout.

In , near the end of his life, inspired by Spanish fruitarians who visited him, he returned to promoting a strict juicy fruitarian diet, which he called the "Vitarian Fruit-Salad Diet", described in The Ascensional Science of Spiritualizing Fruitarian Dietetics His low fat stance was also corroborated by Dr. Douglas N.

Graham who warned against high raw fat diets [17] Template:Unreliable source? Johnny Lovewisdom returned to living food, lacto-vegetarian diet after failing to thrive on a strict fruit diet. Lovewisdom died in Quito, aged Legacy Lovewisdom produced many books in English and Spanish on breatharianism , fasting , fruitarianism , natural hygiene , naturopathy , orthopathy , parthenogenesis , vitalism , yoga traditions, aquarian eugenics and ascensional science.

Further topics included: anthropology , clairvoyance, body chemistry, comparative anatomy, geophysical changes, lemurian genesis, neuro-cerebropathology, organiculture, plant botany, tropical colonization and esoteric dietetics in religion , history and metaphysics. Notable writings Spiritualizing Dietetics: Vitarianism also called Vitarianism: Spiritualized Dietetics , where he promoted a raw food diet called Vitarianism, which included raw fruit, raw yogurt and vegetables.

The Ascensional Science Of Spiritualizing Fruitarian Dietetics, his penultimate book, where he promoted the juicy fruitarian diet which excluded fat-rich fruits. Modern Live Juice Therapy. Mystical Anthropology.

Criticisms Dr Teofilo de la Torre of Panama, critiqued Lovewisdom declaring nuts and seeds were optimal foods, though earlier advised against them, in the same book. The Vegetarian Connection. Facts on File Publications. Johnny Lovewisdom, the Hermit Saint of the Andes, Simon and Schuster. Sheppard, The American Weekly, 31 December edition. What doctors call heat calories is caused by the fats in friction, obstruction in the circulation; they constipate the small blood vessels.


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