Maybe you are looking to train for powerlifting, hardcore fitness, or just to get back in shape. Either way, Josh is the trainer for you! He provides one-on-one training at the world renowned Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas. He works with some of the top athletes in the world.

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Maybe you are looking to train for powerlifting, hardcore fitness, or just to get back in shape. Either way, Josh is the trainer for you!

He provides one-on-one training at the world renowned Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas. He works with some of the top athletes in the world. He also specializes in training high school and collegiate athletes. He provides small group training for athletes looking for the same goal at a discounted rate.

Josh is the best Arlington Texas personal trainer and offers various plans tailored to your needs. Expect to achieve and take things to the next level with your game and your physique. He will develop the road map you need to help you reach your personal goals. Check out what the strongest pro bodybuilder, Johnnie O. Jackson, has to say about training with Josh. Online: Are you interested in training with Josh via the Internet?

If you live outside of the Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth area, or simply prefer to train via the Internet, Josh offers an excellent and affordable online training program customized to meet your specific needs. Josh trains many world class athletes in a variety of sports via the online training program. If you have the commitment to train like you have never before, he can help you reach your goals!

Testimonials "Josh Bryant, hands down, is the best strength coach in the country. Over 12 weeks we set a base and pushed from that, during this program I pulled an lbs Deadlift and came 3rd in the Official Strongman Worlds Strongest Man uK. Joshs programming approach is simple, No BS but effective. Really enjoyed the program he had me on for Worlds Strongest Man.

I consistantly gained strength and stamina throughout the 12 weeks. Body felt great due to his knowledge. Helped me compete at that next level!

Tommy Sharp Josh is a one of a kind coach that develops his programs with attention to detail and a unique perspective that forces an athlete to look at things differently. Without a doubt, Josh has helped me evolve into the athlete I am today: strong, well conditioning and mentally tough.

He was able to constantly flex and adjust the training to suit my specific needs in austere environments that had little to or no equipment. Because of Josh, his programming and his belief in me I lived to breath another day. Taylor Lopes Josh Bryant has not only helped me with returns in the gym , but on the job as well. I am a member of a full time SWAT team with hundreds of operations a year.

And the strength gains he has helped me develop have increased my productivity at work. Equipment has been easier to manage and carry, and I am physically and mentally ready for the demanding training regimens every week.

He took an intimidated little girl with no confidence and made her into a winning competitor!! He makes you believe you can do something you otherwise would question. In The most impressive was my bench increasing The volume is broken up with deloads so I was always able to recover and avoid injury.

Whenever a weeks training was done, the next weeks programming was always there within 24 hours regardless of timezone.

As a fully customised program, Josh was always able to accommodate changes as required to suit my own individual requirements and at the same time incorporate methods that I could never have implemented on my own. If you are serious about getting stronger I recommend you get Josh to guide you. Daniel Watson "I hit a very frustrating plateau on my bench press so I decided to get help from the best in business!

I worked with Josh for around 12 months and in that time he managed to increase my bench from lb to lb at a body weight of lb.

The results speak enough for themselves but I was also so impressed with the level of variation and depth that Josh managed to include in my training. Being someone that tends to get bored easily… Josh always found ways to change things in a strategic way which always kept me motivated and enthusiastic about the training. Hatfield and was initially impressed by his knowledge and personal athletic accomplishments.

After discussing my past multitude of injuries and future goals in powerlifting, Josh was absolutely positive he could help me reach them as long as I persevered. God Bless you Josh! The best coaches do that and more. They establish a personal relationship with their athlete and go the extra mile to support the athlete. The best coaches have a scientific basis for what they are doing.

In addition, they are artisans; they can find a subtle way of creating a desired outcome for their client. Over the past 4 years Josh Bryant has been all that for me and more. Thanks to him, I have continued to get stronger even though I recently turned 50 years old! He has helped take my bench from really good to world class during that time.

However, that is only part of why I believe that Josh is a perfect coach for me. He is responsive to my questions, he always meets my needs, he works collaboratively to create the best program for me, and he engages in discussions about different exercises, methods, and philosophies. Josh is a top-tier coach, a straight-shooter, and a great role model.

If you want to get bigger, stronger, leaner, faster, and etc. Just be ready to work hard as he will push you to be the best Josh has been able to take lifters of all sizes and abilities to take them from good to great!

If anyone ever ask me to write up a program for them I have been directing them to Josh. Sign up for the newsletter. Site Links.



I promised him I would go to the one the following year so that we could do a meet together. I totaled with a Squat, Bench and Deadlift at lbs. This actually gave me a Class 1 total which qualified me for the Saturday meet at Boss of Bosses 2 You had to be invited or qualify with a Class 1 total, otherwise you had to lift on Sunday. My buddy signed us both up as soon as registration was available.


Guramar However, it is not a cookie cutter program or a template that he just gives you and says good joshatrength. I also realised I need Work on grinding sets out. The online training is for serious inquiries only. Heavy Squats and Heavy Deadlifts on the same day. Video will mthod up once i figure out the best format for youtube for my camcorder. The Josh Strength Method.

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