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You could open each photosphere in a popcorn planet style view and have it transition to a normal rectilinear projection. The area can set visible or transparent. Privacy policy About Autopano Disclaimers Log in. Advanced Tutorial: How to make a virtual tour with MakeVT Shared tours Shared tours work with embedded license without krpano demo watermarks, but they have refers on Makevt and krpano at the bottom of the screen if there is no license.

When the mouse pointer hovers the hotspot area, its hint appears as a text at the top of the screen. This example creates a small map in the bottom right corner mini state — height: KRPano created content is created specifically to be consumed by the end user in a browser but you may also use the viewer with the tools to check your content.

Creation of a polygonal hotspot is similar to creation of a point hotspot and all steps are performed in the same order. If you go into this folder and open up the images one by one in your chosen editing program you can edit or replace the images. Its VR capabilities are also impressive, with presets for viewing your work in various head-mounted displays and the ability to create your own presets.

I want to make a plugin that will display a colored square on top of my tour. The structure of the main. Hotspots What is a hotspot? File format — jpg. KRPano supports different panoramic formats such as cube and cube stripe images, cylindrical panoramas, partial panoramas, flash images spherical panoramas, panoramic videos, QTVR Video files.

Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Combobox plugin adds krpxno with drop-down list. For those who are coding themselves About krpano license Krpamo Panorama Viewer is a commercial panorama engine, you should buy license for using it. Combobox plugin adds combobox with drop-down list.

Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Options Types of panoramas In current version of MakeVT supported spherical and cylindrical panoramas. What you need to get started. Make Pano Flat — This will create a cube based krpao out of flat images. You can use KRPano tools to transform your equirectangular image to a cubic form krpanno from cubic to equirectangular form and have it automatically create various resolution versions of your images.

This example creates two active points, which link to the first and the second panoramas. You no longer require your original files so if you want you can move them to somewhere else or delete them.

How to export panorama on Tumblr Choose the text post button at your Tumblr dashboard left button on the top of the page. Once the tour is loaded you will be presented with the first image of your tour Rotate The image until you can see where you want your first Hotspot. You may edit xml-files in common text editors. There are five types of image and polygonal hotspots:. For now, you have access to your hard coded plugin in the style tab! Delete them and the tour will work again.

Documentation index Back to Kolor site Support forums Recent changes. Transition Click on the hotspot loads another panorama.

Save your new images with the original filename and when you open your tour again, your new images will be the skin implemented on the icons within your virtual tour. I will not dig onto parameters details at this point, this is just a basic example. If you try to build your tour, your square is still red, nothing changed. This license is required not only for viewing tours, but also for cutting panos before viewing into tiles — small pieces, which are loaded one by one.

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