In the The hydrogen atom consists of a single electron and a proton bound together as single unit, as the intelligence nucleus. The 11th heaven is a planet that is exactly the same size as our present day earth, and contains everything that is presently on earth. The 11th heaven is an exact duplicate of earth as of October 7,

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La palabra Elohim es una palabra hebrea que significa Dios. Por lo tanto se traduce Para adaptar a nosotros mismos con estas fuerzas Fortunately, most magic dolls do not work, but if done properly in the hands of a You have seen people sticking needles into a magic doll and sometimes the other person actually feel the pinch of the needle.

Not only can magic dolls be used to cause harm to another person, but practically anything that we personally own can be used as a spiritual weapon against another person to cause the person discomfort, stress and distress, and sometimes illness. In this book the angel Ramamel gives seven words of power that can be spoken to neutralize the effect magic dolls or anything that you own that is being used to cast a spell on you.

Within the past 10 years alien beings have abducted more than There has been UfO sightings in many countries and if you are wondering if aliens exist, the angel Ramamel says they exist and he gives a detailed description of their physiology in this book.

The aliens are based in the stars and most of them are coming from our nearest star system of Proxima Centauri.

Among the angels that delivered the The Enochian language is one of the three languages spoken in heaven, the other two are Latin and Hebrew. The Enochian language is written from right to left similar to that of Hebrew but words are pronounced similar to Latin and English.

Each individual entity is a part of four pieces; an Elohim, angel, human soul, and elemental spiirt. Each of these four can be subdivided into four components of male, female, good, and evil.

All together these make up a total of sixteen, which is the total number of sub quadrants of the Enochian tablets. There is tremendous power within the keys for they are like decrees that were spoken by and to the Elohim, angels, human souls and elemental spirits when they were first created.

Of the three languages spoken by the angels in heaven the Enochian language The Enochian language does not follow the usual syntax of words in our modern vocabulary for Enochian itself is a combination of Hebrew and Latin.

Hence some words are pronounced as in Latin or Engllsh and others are pronounced by spelling out the word in Hebrew. In this Kaballah lesson we will take a look at names of God and angels of the Enochian tablets and how to pronounce their names. The spirits were first The keys possess tremendous powers and in this lesson we will examine the powers behind the first, second and third Enochian keys.

These included the angels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and a host of many others. The Enochian language is truly indeed a language spoken by the angels, but it is not known to mankind since it is not spoken on earth.

Its syntax and especially its numbering systems does not follow any logic that is known to mankind and unless it is taught to you by an angel a person will not be able to make heads or tails of its numbering system. The Enochian language and alphabets were first delivered by a group of angels that call themselves The result were a series of manuscripts that became known as the Enochian manuscripts. However the numbering system of the Enochian language has baffled the mystics and sages for centuries since it does not follow any form of logic that we know of.

In this lesson the angel Ramamel has given to me the Enochian numbering system and truly indeed no human being could have guessed it.


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Letter by letter I questioned the angel Ariel through kabbalistic cowrie readings to spell out the true names of these seven African powers. The spirits behind these names are more powerful than we think and they have been worshipped since the first civilization of human beings on earth, keep in mind that we are presently the fifth civilization on earth. The names that these spirits use camouflage their true identity for they are basically Nigerian names, but behind these names are powerful spirits whose true identities are revealed in this book. By questioning the angel Ariel I have been able to obtain the true names of these seven African powers These spirits are as ancient as time itself and to know their true identity and real names is to know how to approach them and how to deal with them.


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