Khosrow asks forgiveness and repents his offence. Hormizd IV , who is now pleased with his son, forgives him. That very night, Khosrow sees his grandfather Anushirvan in a dream and Anushirvan gives him glad tidings of a wife named Shirin , a steed named Shabdiz , a musician named Barbad , and a great kingdom, that is Persia. Shapur travels to Armenia to look for Shirin. Shapur finds Shirin and shows the image of Khosrow to Shirin. On the way, he finds Shirin unclothed bathing and washing her flowing hair; Shirin also sees him; but since Khosrow was traveling in peasant clothes, they do not recognize one another.

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Shirin fled with Khosrow to Syria where they lived under the protection of the ethnic Armenian Byzantine emperor Maurice. She used her new influence to support the Christian minority in Iran, but the political situation demanded that she do so discreetly.

The story inspired generations of poets and artists in many different Muslim countries. Shirin was elegant, educated and loved science and arts. When her father and her aunt died she was to become a queen of Armenia. Being a great painter himself Shapur paints a face of Khosrow and places the painting in a tree near the lake. When Shirin sees the picture she immediately feels attracted to the image in the painting. Her maids tore up the painting thinking it was some evil spell that could enchant the princess.

But Shapur kept placing the same painting of Khosrows image at the tree for several days. At the same time a rival claimant to the throne of Persia has caused strive between prince Khosrow and his father king Hormizd. Khosrow is advised to leave Persia, so he decides to escape to Armenia. When Khosrow saw the shy girl he too got embarrassed and as Shirin turned to look at the young man again, Khosrow was already on his way. In the mean time Khosrow encounters Shapur on his journey.

Shapur tells him that he heard of his troubles and that the Queen of Armenia is waiting for him, he will be safe there. Khosrow asks about Shirin and Shapur tells him that she escaped to Persia. He asks Shapur to go to Persia and bring Shirin back to Armenia. When Shapur arrives and meets with Shirin he tells her that Khosrow is waiting for her in Armenia. So Khosrow again embarks on a journey back to Persia to claim his throne and save his people from his rival.

When Shirin arrives in Armenia again, she is disappointed to find out that Khosrow is back in Persia, but her aunt the Queen of Armenia tells her that she has to be patient and that Khosrow will return for her soon as he promised. Khosrow and Shirin finally meet Khosrow now a king of Persia still has many enemies and one of his enemies organizes a rebellion against Khosrow so Shapur advises Khosrow to leave the country again until things settle down.

As it so happened to be Shirin also left her castle to go hunting. And so both lovers again by chance or fate finally meet and recognize each other. They both get off their horses at the same time and run towards each other and hug.

Khosrow did not take kindly to this rejection and yelled at her telling her that he lost his throne because of her and that he will leave her for ever. The king of Byzantium tells Khosrow that he needs to marry his daughter by the name of Maryam, so he will gain help from the Byzantine empire in defeating his enemies at home. When Shirin hears that Khosrow regained his throne she becomes elated for him, but when she hears that he got married in the process, her heart brakes and she decides to forget him for good.

After a while, her aunt also passes away and Shirin becomes the Queen of Armenia. She left and went to Persia again. His wife Maryam jealously refused and threatened with divorce. Shirin gets upset and refuses to become his mistress. So Shapur found a gentlemen by the name of Farhad.

He succeeds within a month and Shirin wants to reward him by giving him her earrings, but Farhad refuses and tells her he did it out of love for her. Hereafter, Farhad loses himself and becomes lovesick. During this meeting they debate about who loves Shirin more. Farhad defeats Khosrow in a verbal duel about Shirin and reveals that it is Farhad who loves Shirin the most. The dialogue is the culmination of the clash between two conflicting concepts of love.

Farhad takes up the challenge and the first thing he does is create a life-size sculpture of Shirin and her horse which he carries up the stairs to remind him of his love. When Shirin hears of this, she decides to pay Farhad a visit and brings him a bowl of milk. Trying to get back, Shirin almost fell off a cliff, Farhad caches her and carries her and her horse all the way home on his shoulders. She often visits the grave and washes it with milk. Shirin remains an unattainable dream for Khosrow.

Shirin, seeing that Khosrow is drunk, does not let him in the castle. She particularly reproaches Khosrow for his intimacy with Shekar. Khosrow, sad and rejected, returns to his palace. Shirin and Khosrow get married Shirin eventually consents to marry Khosrow after several romantic and heroic episodes. At one point Shirin asks Shapur to secretly take her to Khosrow to see how he is doing.

At that moment Khosrow holds a ceremony inviting poets and musicians to tell poems and sing songs about Shirin. He embraces her and asks her to marry him. She accepts. And their love story finally begins and after a while Khosrow even decides to abandon his throne in order to live out his days alone with Shirin.

He gives his throne to his son Shiroyeh from his first marriage. At one point when Khosrow and Shirin sleep late at night, someone sneaks into their room and stabs Khosrow to death. Khosrow although felt great pain did not make a sound so not to awaken Shirin. Shirin awoke eventually from Khosrows blood and saw that Khosraw was dead, with his blood all over the place.

She was buried next to Khosrow in a tomb build by their people. There is also evidence of the widespread popularity of the legend in the twelfth and the beginning of the thirteenth century from the surviving pottery of the time. While the pond has now tarnished to near black, it was originally painting in shining silver, complementing the golden sky above.

In this painting, Shirin visits Farhad upon his completion of the pool. At the very top of the composition, a goat cavorts in its hillside home. Great care is lavished upon the details of the building, suggesting that the artist may have intended to depict a specific structure. Opener of Doors! Calligrapher: Sultan Muhammad Nur ca.


Khosrow Shirin

Khosrow asks forgiveness and repents his offence. Hormoz, who is now pleased with his son, forgives him. That very night, Khosrow sees his grandfather Anushirvan in a dream and Anushirvan gives him glad tidings of a wife named Shirin , a steed named Shabdiz , a musician named Barbad , and a great kingdom, that is Persia. Shapur travels to Armenia to look for Shirin.


Before Romeo and Juliet there was Khosrow and Shirin


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