Vutaxe This abstract may be abridged. Minsralleri should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract. DergiPark Search Results Type Hanging wall basalt and basaltic andesite shows mass changes that are generally much smaller than in the footwall. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Volume 21Issue 2JanPages — However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Bu makalede kil mineralleri Volume 11Issue 4JanPages 3 — 5.

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They have high area density, adsorption capacity, rheological properties, chemical inertia and very low or nontoxic effects to human health.

So, they are widely used in medical treatments. Commercially used clay minerals are; smectit, polygrstite, caolinite and talc. The other clay minerals are under investigations for medical treatments. Key words: Clay Minerals, Medical Geology. Fakat, Bunlar; kapasiteleridir. Kil minerallerinden kaolinit, tespit edilmesini verebiliriz Her iki emerler 17, Kronik eklem rol oynar.

Appl Clay Sci, ; C,Lopez Galindo. Pharmaceutical 2. Sanayi Madenleri. Kozan Ofset. Bolger R. Industrial Minerals in studies. Clay Sci,; Min, ; Santaren J, Alvarez A.

Assesment of the 4. Medikal health effects of mineral dusts. The sepiolite case. Min, ;april Carretero MI. Clay minerals and their The United States Pharmacopeia. The beneficial effects upon human health. A review. National Formulary. Convention, Rockville, USA, , pp. Role of ferric iron oxidation of RG, et al. A study of Spanish sepiolite workers. Throax, ; Clays Clay Miner, ; Assesment Monaco F,Amati M.

Cell Biol Toxic, ; Montmorillonit With Hydralanize Hydrochloride, Cara s, Carcangiu G, Padalino G, a cardiovascular drug. The bentonites in Pharmaceutical technological properties of materials from aspects of clay-organic interactions. Ind Eng Sardinia deposits Italy. A study of Thermal mud-pack as an anti- fluouracil as a drug carrier. Biomed Sci Instrum, inflammatory treatment. Biomed Pharmacother, ; Ferrand T, Yvon J. Thermal properties of SL.

Mechanism of adsorbtion of clyndamicin and clay pastes for pelotherapy. Appl Clay Sci, tetracycline by montmorillonite. J Pharm Sci, ; Summa V, Tateo F. The use of pelitic raw Clay Examples from the Lucania area southern Italy. Miner, ; Geochemistry of two Sanchez-Martin MJ, et al. Adsorbtion and peats suitable for medical uses and their desorption of N-methylhydroxy quinoline behaviour during leaching.

Appl Clay Sci, methyl sulphate on smectitee and the potential ;

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Dermokil Therapy Kil Mineralleri ve Okyanus Esintisi Duş Jeli 750 ml


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