Mibei Through to You I unfortunately would not recommend this book. Este tambien fue maravilloso It all starts when Penn leaves Harper a note on her desk saying he liked her sparkle she wore on her hair for school that day. I really thought this book could have been better. The relationship between she and Issac is one-sided and lacked chemistry and I kept wondering what he saw in her? I was hoping Barnholdt would be a substitute for Elizabeth Scott to me in the Chick lit department but if all her books are like this, I think I might pass. So what does he do?

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I came here for one reason, and one reason only. And that was to steal this stupid bike. And when I say bike, I mean an actual bike. Aaron rides an actual bike. A ten-speed or twelve-speed racing bike that he takes everywhere. Aaron Randolph is very into the environment and being green, which is why he has this ridiculous bike, even though his parents are super rich and offered to buy him a car when he turned sixteen a couple of months ago. Hanging out? Eating chips?

Hitting on girls? People should totally believe me, since I saw this Dateline special about someone trying to steal a bike once, and passerbys were, like helping the person with that same story saw through the chain. Watching that show is what gave me the idea to do this in the first place. I paste a nonchalant, nothing-to-see here look on my face.

Which are actually having a hard time gripping onto the chain. Oh, God. Josh Noth hangs out with Ashton Wagner and Haven Montessori and the whole entire popular crew that can never mind their own business and thinks that everything has to do with them. He points at my wire clippers.

They look expensive. In fact, it took me a ridiculously long time to figure out how to hide them on the way to this party.

So I had to ride over here with my dad, and he would have asked tons of questions if I had his wire clippers on the seat next to me. I mean, could you imagine? Which pisses me off. Or knows anything about tools. His green eyes sparkle, and I feel an attraction stirring in my stomach. He has dimples. Aaron had dimples.

Aaron was a complete and total asshole, but he had dimples. Has dimples. Not that owned him when we were going out. Or his dimples. Why did I think that I could come here and steal a bike without getting caught? I drop the wire cutters onto the street and then plop down on the sidewalk.

And then I start to cry. Josh Noth has the wherewithal to finally look nervous. Which he should. Which I appreciate. His hands feel big and strong and just… good.

What were you going to do with it? Just ride away? I threw them in there because I needed something to fill the stupid thing. I figured if anyone asked to look in my purse, I could open it and show them all the stuff that was on top of the wire clippers. A junior. His eyes are really, really green. I just… I wanted to get him back. Like, not back together, but get revenge on him, you know? For breaking up with me? I thought it might make me feel better.

At least in the moment. Something that will take care of that lock in a second. On one hand, I do want to steal the bike. Out of her tree. Batshit crazy. Whatever you want to call it. That happens to girls sometimes. Or hiding it behind the Safeway.

This probably means he did something she thinks is awful, like breaking up with her. It just means that you wanted to break up.

I raise my eyebrows at her. But I could have called them. Who the fuck rides a bike still anyway? I saw this Dateline special once where this bike was getting stolen in the middle of a park, and when a good-looking girl was stealing it, no one called the police. This one married dude even helped the girl steal the bike while his wife tried to stop them.

Do I think that Brynn is good-looking? I glance at her out of the corner of my eye. Dark hair. Nice blue eyes. Not that it matters. Brynn catches me checking her out then, and so I quickly look away. Assuming that you are, in fact, taking me to Home Depot and not to some alley or something to have your way with me. Although…I glance at her again out of the corner of my eye. She has very nice lips. Girls are always messing up their faces with tons of lipstick and make-up, when they look a lot better without all that stuff.

Usually they end up looking like a big mess as soon as they take it off. I just happen to like Home Depot. Something about the way she does it is very… hot.

My stomach does this weird unfamiliar flip, and I find myself looking away quickly. Girl trouble? I grin. I can respect that. And so I figure I owe her the same.



Malazragore And they just ignore her. Penn, on the other hand, had a lot of potential that was just waiting to be tapped into. Nov 11, Nicole rated it liked it. Basically, Kelsey and Isaac meet as new kids on their first day at a public high school hooray for originality!


Books by Lauren Barnholdt

Voodoorn Which is no good. Want to Read saving…. Does that make sense? And Harper, well, she knows she should be focusing on things like her Ballard application. Kissing Perfect Of course they could talk about these differences—if Penn knew how to talk about feelings.

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