Plot[ edit ] In a frame story , a rich couple sailing alone in space, Jinn and Phyllis, rescue and translate a manuscript from a floating bottle. Because they travel close to the speed of light, time dilation causes centuries to pass on Earth during their two years in transit. They land their shuttle on a temperate, lushly forested planet which they name Soror Latin for sister. They can breathe the air, drink the water and eat the fruit.

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Inspired by news articles on apes raised as humans and advances in genetics, Jaffa conceived an idea for a film about a genetically enhanced chimp raised in a human household. He and Silver pitched the concept to Fox as a way to reboot the Apes franchise by reinventing the story of the chimpanzee Caesar , the lead character of Conquest and Battle.

Fox was impressed and bought the pitch, but development struggled for five years as the production cycled through scripts, writers, directors and producers. After being imprisoned in a primate sanctuary, Caesar uses his ingenuity to launch an uprising.

To portray ape characters realistically, the production avoided practical effects in favor of performance capture acting , partnering with New Zealand visual effects company Weta Digital. Director Rupert Wyatt withdrew from the project due to production and scheduling issues and was replaced by Matt Reeves. Caesar struggles to maintain peace as his ape community is drawn into violent clashes with nearby human survivors. Weta Digital again provided special effects work, which combined practical sets, digitally manipulated backgrounds and performance capture ape characters.

Michael Avallone wrote the novelization for Beneath the Planet of the Apes in Novelizations of the live action and animated television series were also produced.

Quick novelized the Planet of the Apes; he also wrote two prequel novels, and several other book tie-ins were published. The black-and-white series featured adaptations of each of the films, new Apes stories by Doug Moench , series news, essays, interviews, and other material.

Marvel also published the monthly title Adventures on the Planet of the Apes from to , comprising color reprints of the Planet and Beneath adaptations. The debut issue sold 40, copies, a record for black-and-white comics, leading to a successful run of 24 issues over two years. Studios have also produced Planet of the Apes comic books. The Boom!

During the s, Fox licensed around 60 companies to produce about different Apes products, including action figures and playsets, model building kits, coloring books, book-and-record sets , trading cards, toy weapons , costumes, apparel, branded tableware, and lunch boxes.

This level of merchandising was unusual for the time and the success of Apes merchandise may have inspired the campaigns that later became commonplace for films and television series.


Une planète inconnue

Devenu ingйnieur en йlectricitй, il part en comme planteur de caoutchouc, en Malaisie. Il meurt en а Paris. Elle contient un message, une longue histoire а vrai dire. Trиs vite, gagnйs par une curiositй bien comprйhensible, nos protagonistes vont rencontrer les maоtres de la planиte : trois espиces simiesques proches de nos gorilles, orang-outangs et autres chimpanzйs, presque parfaitemant bipиdes, douйes du langage articulй, qui ont pu bвtir une sociйtй au sein de laquelle chaque espиce possиde ses domaines propres de spйcialisation sciences et techniques pour les chimpanzйs, arts de la guerre pour les gorilles, religion, politique et justice pour les orang-outang. Dans une prose assez simple et un style dйlestй du superflu, Pierre Boulle nous emmиne а la rencontre de notre propre sociйtй.


Pierre Boulle


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