Shane was a monumental idiot his parents fault partly but still and Megan just failed to impress me with any badassery despite being security. Everyone in this book felt diminished by their actions. When he meets Megan, he tries to essentially teach her the same thing. At least Megan has the strength and the backing of her family to walk away from her mate. I was disappointed with this book because it just never really felt like Shane and Megan had a shot. Loving of course her family as she does she tries to remember that they are her family and each and every looney one of them play a big part in her life, then the hate kicks in, due mainly to the fact that she is one of the last unmated Warden left and with no offspring to keep the watchful eyes of her parent off her she unhappily grins and bears it.

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She loved the feel of him there, soft and hard all at once. Loved it when his hands on her shoulders tightened and pulled her closer.

Looking up at him, she saw how dark his eyes had gotten. Gabe standing close behind her, she took Nick into her mouth. His taste burst over her, through her, and she took him back as far as she could and pulled back again. She let out a sound of surprised pleasure when Gabe grabbed her hair and began to guide her movements.

His thumbs moved up and stroked over the line of her throat, leaving her skin tingling in their wake. Leaving her wanting more of him. She was so wet she could feel it on her thighs. And who was a lucky girl? Sandwiched between two sexy, handsome, virile and powerful males the way she was made her lightheaded and giddy.

Nick lay on the bed and she scrambled over him. I want to look at that beautiful tattoo and watch you suck his cock. Positioning herself over Nick, she bent down and licked up the length of him before pulling him inside again.

The way she squirms when you bump over her sweet spot…makes my balls crawl up into my gut. And in that glance, so much passed. A connection and a bit of chemistry too. Tracy made a sound of disapproval when Gabe stopped moving. She squirmed back against him, tightening around him. His palm landed soundly against the creamy flesh of her ass, leaving a red palmprint and a sting. I promise to make it worth your while.

Impossibly sexy. Each stroke of his fingers, each whispered word pulled her deeper and deeper into the maelstrom of emotion and pleasure the three of them created. It was overwhelming and yet, she felt like she could see it all with crystal clarity. The hands on her body, the lips at her neck, the crooned words from Nick and Gabe wove a spell around her, binding her to them.

How could anything in the universe compare to feeling so cherished? So sexy and desired that she felt like a goddess. These men believed she was everything and in that belief, she was.

They all were. It was magic and beautiful. Gabe looked down at her as she pressed that sweet little ass back against him to get more of his cock. God she was amazing. So gorgeous and sexy and smart. And so damned strong! Nothing in the universe was as sexy as his woman in full battle mode. Her tattoo nearly glowed in the low light as she sweated with exertion. The scent of her desire rose and wove around his senses nearly as effectively as the way she felt wrapped around his cock.

What a firecracker she was. And it appeared she was amenable to submitting to him as well. Her mouth was heaven over his cock. He loved the way he slipped in a bit deeper each time Gabe thrust into her, loved watching the sway of those delicious breasts.

Her eyes looked straight into his, right into his soul, and he gave way to her, gave her every bit of himself. When her fingertips pressed against his perineum he groaned and orgasm—just dancing out of reach—descended over him. I love you. So very much. Her moans and mewls of pleasure rose in the air with the sounds of wet flesh meeting and his own grunts. Bringing thumb and forefinger together, he plumped them around her slippery, hard clit. Over and over, delighting in the way her thighs began to tremble and her moans became more desperate and breathy.

Her body seized and tightened as a pretty pink flush worked up her flesh. I just had a three-way with two alpha wolves! Sinful and good but with a bite. Tracy tsked. Because well, if you must know, no one has gone down on me. Not in a very long time, if ever. So long and lean and pretty. Athletic and feminine, soft where she was supposed to be. Her breath caught. The idea of any other men here between your thighs makes me irritated. How could anything else compare?

His lips tasted her like she was something excruciatingly rare and delicious. Her hands were in his hair, holding his head to her. He kissed like a man who viewed kissing as part of the lovemaking process. Nick Lawrence was a connoisseur of the kiss. Deliberate little nips of his teeth followed by flicks of his tongue to soothe the sting.

His tongue seduced its way into her mouth, slid along hers in a sinuous dance, making her breathless and wanting more of him.

Gabe loved oral sex. He loved to bring his partner pleasure in such an intimate way, loved to feel the changes in her body as her desire increased and she drew closer to coming. Each woman tasted a bit different but this one was so sweet that he knew he was already far past addicted. More than that, the wolf in him reacted to his own taste there. He needed her, she was an integral part of him now and he craved her touch, craved her voice and the cries of pleasure he brought her.

Her taste would lie on his tongue until he died and he liked that very much. His woman was not shy sexually. She knew what she wanted and she pressed herself greedily as he ate at her pussy. He loved it that she arched up when he moved his face from side to side quickly against her clit.

Rolling his eyes up, he watched as Nick laved over those freckles and down to her nipples, taking one and then the other into his mouth. But far from jealous rage, he loved watching Nick touch her.

Gabe watched her as he drew slick fingers down to the star of her rear passage and stroked over it. Her eyes opened and she instinctively tried to close her legs against him but his shoulders held her wide open to him. Let me stretch you. Slowly, the fingers stroking over her anus gave more pressure until he slowly entered just a little bit.

Holy shit, she was so tight. He made a mental note to investigate some toys for her as he continued to lap at her flesh, devouring the sounds she made as much as he did her honey. Spooning into each other, they fell into a sleepy silence, muscles jumping and endorphins floating. As a kid growing up in the housing projects in Boston, his mother had made him stay inside to protect him from the violence of their world.

Stuck inside, he turned to books. He got a scholarship to a private high school and had excelled, getting a full ride to Yale.


Cascadia Wolves Series

It was a room that felt like home. Before Nina came, the room—the house—had been nice enough, but somehow the love she brought, the laughter and joy, made it a home. Tracyoften wondered if it was about Nina or the connection she had with Lex. You know how Cade is when he cooks. Cade may have scared the bejesus out of everyone else but Nina was fearless.


You know Rey will need help. Upon closer examination, she saw Lex Warden sitting inside and sighed—partly in annoyance and partly at the picture he made there. He looked cool and dangerous and undeniably sexy with his carnal lips curled up at the corner into a smug smile. Pushing her attraction down as far as she could, she pulled out of her driveway and drove to work. He made no bones about following her and did so openly, probably to rattle her a bit. As long as Gabriel listened to her advice and had hightailed it out of town and kept his head low, everything would be all right.


What am I going to do with you? Thanks, old woman. Quickly, she tossed her dirty dishes into the dishwasher before running to toss some clothes into a bag. Going to the door, she whistled. Nina was as goofy as the dog and they got along famously. She finally let out a relieved breath as they drove away from the house. She really had to deal with this situation with her mother or consider transferring Packs to keep from going insane.

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