However, none of the functions are powerful enough to interest the sophisticated set, and its most highly-touted multimedia capabilities actually require you to buy more equipment. Features and Design The LG CU phone is a clamshell, about two and a half inches tall and about one and a half inches wide when closed, and not very thick, making it about the size and shape of the popular Motorola RAZR. There is a bright, colorful screen that takes up most of the top half. The bottom half is a flat circular dial for quick access to email, phone, PC connection and file areas, as well as general menu navigation.

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The widespread use of the GSM standard has made it easy for most mobile phone users to use their phones overseas thanks to roaming agreements between operators using the same GSM standard. The first GSM network went live in in Finland. GSM introduced the concept of the SIM card Subscriber Identity Module card - a detachable smart card that lets users swap their phone number and contacts between handset. The high data speeds are possibly the most prominent feature, and certainly the most hyped. They enable such advanced features as live, streaming video.

There are several different 3G technology standards. A thin client is added to the mobile phone and by using standard SMS parameter fields, such as the user data header, binary-encoded and concatenated messages can be sent that display enriched content, such as italicized, emboldened or underlined text, predefined sounds, monophonic tunes and static or animated images. This media may include up to forty seconds of video, audio, one image, or a slideshow of multiple images. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology used to create PANs Personal Area Networks among your devices, and with other nearby devices.

Bluetooth allows you to leave your phone in your pocket, while talking on your phone with a Bluetooth headset - with no wires. You can also exchange contact or scheduling information with other Bluetooth-enabled phones nearby, or send such information to a nearby Bluetooth-enabled printer.

Another common use is to give your laptop computer or PDA wireless high-speed Internet access via Bluetooth and your phone. Many newer automobiles also have Bluetooth, which can interface with a phone in a pocket, to allow automatic hands-free phone capability. More innovative uses include playing a game against someone with a similar phone nearby, or using a special Bluetooth pen to send SMS messages by simply writing them on paper.

This is a 2. Universal Serial Bus USB : A standard port that enables you to connect external devices such as digital cameras, scanners, keyboards, and mice to computers. The USB standard supports data transfer at three rates: low speed 1. HDMI is a high definition HD interface standard for the transmission of uncompressed digital audio visual data.

HDMI can support i, p, i and p with up to eight channels of audio data. Since HDMI is fully digital and has no image compression the image quality should not suffer form any image degradation.


LG CU515 User Manual

If anyone has info as to where I can get an instruction manual, please email me. As one mentioned, probably the little cable is starting to shift or wear out causing it shorting sometimes. The odd speaker button on the back of the device is really pointless, too, as it has the same function during the call with the center button. Media FM Radio No. LG CU — Videos. I almost immediately ran into annoyances. Although, this particular phone can be used for texting and data services we are not big on that.


LG cu515 User Manual



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