Faenris Condiciones de piel, mucosas y membranas. Please log in to add your comment. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great patrones funcionales de marjory gordon. La teoria de Marjory Gordon trata de valoracion de enfermeria conocida como patrones funcionales de salud.

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Perception of health This first pattern seeks to determine with a few questions the degree of health concern on the part of the patient, in addition to researching their habits and their current level of well-being. The questions try to inquire about the general health of the patient, as for example, the times he has been ill during the last years. In addition, it seeks to investigate the possible harmful and beneficial habits of the person, such as the use of alcohol or tobacco, junk food, the level of habitual exercise and other data.

To also check the degree of self-awareness that the patient has on their own health habits, you are often asked about why you think your current illness has occurred, whether you have tried to do something to improve your health or whether you usually Follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Nutrition and metabolism This pattern focuses on examining the amount of nutrients and calories that the patient ingests and its relationship with the daily amounts needed. Therefore, some typical questions are what you eat and drink in a day, if you have recently lost or gained weight or if you follow a specific diet.

You may also be asked about the use of supplements or vitamins, or if you have had a problem with your appetite recently. Some of the questions may be:"Have you ever had bowel or urine problems? If necessary, the nurse may also ask for urine or stool samples to make a more complete diagnosis. Activity and exercise This pattern focuses on investigating the level of physical activity of the patient, both in the exercise that he does consciously and during his daily tasks.

It also tries to know more about the energy that the subject has to perform their daily activities. Do you have enough energy after getting up? Do you usually have trouble sleeping, or do you wake up excessively soon?

Do you sleep the necessary hours? If necessary, the patient could undergo some live sleep study to detect problems such as apnea.

Some of the most common difficulties associated with this pattern are perceptual problems such as myopia or deafness or difficulties in reasoning and using available information.

Self-perception and self-concept Self-concept and self-perception have to do with the way we see ourselves. Do you believe in yourself? How would you describe yourself? How do you feel about your own body, your way of being or your emotions? Do you feel in control of your own life? Or on the contrary, do you think that you are a slave to the circumstances? Do you often feel alone? How do you relate to people in your work or study environment?

If relatives or friends are present, the nurse could also observe the relationships between them to acquire objective data. If the nurse thinks it is necessary to know more about the subject, he or she may ask the following questions: Do you usually have sex? Are you satisfied with them? Or on the contrary, do you experience any kind of problem? Do you normally use some type of contraceptive? Tolerance to stress This pattern is responsible for studying the stress levels of patients, examining both their way of dealing with complicated life situations and the difficult situations they have had to live in recent times.

Some of the most used questions are: how do you deal with stress? Have you experienced any crisis or major change in the last year? Do you have important plans for the future?

Do you have any beliefs that help you cope with complicated situations? This pattern is responsible for studying the way in which the patient faces life and relates to the world and himself. References "Marjory Gordon"in: Wikipedia. Retrieved on: March 9, from Wikipedia: en.

Retrieved on: 9 March from MindMeister: mindmeister. Retrieved on: March 9, from Observatory of Nursing Methodology: ome. Retrieved on: March 9, from Nursing Theories: currentnursing.



Virn The nursing diagnoses found in the patient sample analyzed, and the frequency thereof, reveal peculiarities in terms of the health care needs of the prison population, which makes it possible to standardize nursing care plans for the population under study. La teoria de Marjory Gordon trata de valoracion de enfermeria conocida como patrones funcionales de salud. This Pin was discovered by Ana. Add a personal note: Estudio descriptivo trasversal, realizado a una muestra de treinta pacientes ingresados en el Centro penitenciario de Soria entre Marzo y Junio del Invited audience members will follow you as you navigate and present People invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi account This link expires 10 minutes after you close the presentation A maximum of 30 users can follow your presentation Learn more about this feature in our knowledge base article. Principios fumcionales subyacen en la conducta, pensamiento y comportamientos relacionados con los actos, costumbres o instituciones contempladas como verdaderas. The response rate to the questionnaire was high.


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