Feb 16, T Vale rated it really liked it This starts out light. Serious issues are there, but I also feel that no closure was given. Themes: incest, suicide, secrecy, lies, family, adolescence. Nov 25, Yasmin Potts rated it did not like it I did not like this book. At all.

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I am a primary school teacher and every year I guide my Year 5 students through the process of writing their own novels. Some of my students have produced works in excess of 30 words! I was inspired to write by my Year 9 English teacher. I know how to milk cows, drive a tractor, bale hay and put out an irrigation pipeline. I prefer to read Young Adult fiction.

My hobbies are camping, swimming, photography, walking and reading. I have lived and taught in Canada and Singapore. My favourite place in the world is Merewether Beach in Newcastle, which is metres from my house. My favourite novel that I have written is Thirst. I love the heat, the quest for survival, the growing friendship between Karanda and Solomon.

I plan to travel to Germany and Scandinavia when Thirst is published there next year. My first two novels, Losing It and Grieve, were written by hand in school exercise books, mostly whilst out camping or fishing with my husband. I finally decided to write a novel because I wondered whether my Year 9 English teacher was right about my talent.

Each novel has taken me about 12 months to write. I wish I could write more often, but I work full time. I have no formal training in writing but I believe if you read a lot, then that is the key to success as a writer.

Okay, enough of my ranting. Let me know if you want something more specific. Where could I find the time?


Lizzie’s News

I was hooked from the beginning. Losing It is very special to me as it was my first novel and I still get it out occasionally to read it. Not tying everything together nicely made it that bit more believable. I even got my mum to read it and she loved it to! Mrs Rowley later came to the launch of Losing It. I am really enjoying high school well pretty much all the days without sport and PE but the bad thing about it is all the assignments and homework!



I really wanted to write a follow up so I could say what happened to my characters, but my publishers decided against it. I originally had an epilogue that did this briefly but my editor thought the ending would be more powerful if it ended where it does now, and left readers to make their own conclusions. But basically my intentions were that Gabbie and Zak would have a wonderful relationship, Zoe would be ok and her parents would split up, thus relieving her of the pain of her situation with domestic violence. Uncle Darryl would be changed with atttemped rape of a minor. Whitney, Gabbie, Zoe and all the girls would form one awesome friendship group and live happily ever after, or as happy as you can be as a teenager at high school. It finishes on a cliff hanger, so she will need to also get Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion.


Post was not sent — check your email addresses! Yes thank you that would be amazing! That reality is terrifying. Enjoy the upcoming school holidays. Losing It Lizzie Wilcock She is not too concerned or worldly about fashion and boys, but many of her friends are.

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