УФ фонари и лампы для дефектоскопии. УФ дефектоскопия - комплекс физических методов и средств неразрушающего контроля качества материалов, заготовок и изделий с целью обнаружения дефектов их строения. Методы дефектоскопии позволяют полнее оценить качество каждого изделия без его разрушения и осуществить сплошной контроль, что особенно важно для изделий ответственного значения. Одним из основных средств УФ дефектоскопии являются УФ осветители.

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EV warranty Magnaflux will, at its option, replace or credit after thorough examination to determine fault any defective LED lamp for a period of 1 year from the purchase date from either Magnaflux or an authorised distributor.

Liability is limited to the invoice price of the merchandise. If the lamp has been exposed to improper storage conditions or if the integrity of the lamp has been compromised the warranty will be invalidated. EV service Simple repairs: The EV was designed to allow the customer to perform routine maintenance without compromising the integrity of the lamp. The protective shield and UV filter can be replaced by the customer if they become damaged.

Alternatively, these can be replaced by a Magnaflux authorised service centre. Advanced repairs: All other repairs to the EV should be carried out by a Magnaflux authorised service centre. Such repairs would include changing the switch or the LED assembly. Service centres: For information on authorised Magnaflux service centres, please contact us at sunita magnafluxindia.

Please note: Any advanced service performed by the customer including adjustment of intensity or modification of internal wiring will invalidate the warranty. Yes; chemical resistance to these materials was an essential part of our testing.

Some LEDs lenses become cloudy over time. Will this happen with the EV? No; the EV lenses are made from a different material that will not go cloudy. What are the hand-holding characteristics of the EV? The EV was designed with the operator in mind. In particular, it has a comfortable handle and its weight is well balanced.

Does the lamp have a cooling fan like the ZBF? No; the LEDs are cool running and do not need a cooling fan which can clog and fail. Why does the EV have a UV pass filter? UV LEDs emit a small amount of visible light above nm. As there is no accurate and consistent method to measure this, the EV has a UV pass filter to remove all visible emission and reduce glare during inspection.


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Система УФ освещения Magnaflux ZB-100F


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