As part of that quest we installed springboards in our Body Harmonics studios in The results have been fantastic! What is a springboard? A springboard consists of a plywood board attached to the wall, complete with the springs from a Pilates Cadillac. The board is typically 20 inches wide and six feet tall and comes with springs of various lengths and tensions, together with handles, foot straps and a rollbar that you can attach to the springs.

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This guide is meant for Pilates trainers and fitness professionals as well as for Pilates aficianados who want a deeper understanding for their own practice. This book takes you through classic Pilates Reformer repertoire as well as introducing original exercises developed by Ellie Herman and her instructors over the last fifteen years.

Included in this book are: step by step photo sequences, detailed descriptions of over Reformer exercises, proper breathing and specific alignment cues, benefits and contraindications, rehabilitation applications and special tips and imagery. Pages 20 - 21 cover "General Movement Vocabulary," again, excellently described and photographed. For instructors, she also includes a brief description on "Assisting People.

Although, come to think of it, you could do the same amount of damage with, say, a leg press sled. The rest of the book is, as described by other reviewers, absolutely excellent. Excellent guide By N. The book lays out movements in a clear, step-by-step pictorial explanation for different parts of the body. I could pick and choose what I wanted to do or I could follow the programs she set up from beginners to super advanced.

I like this book because it gives you the options to advance as you become very good in using the reformer. The super advanced movements may be dangerous for the inexperienced but it is very motivating as you know you may get there some day. Finding this book has been my savior! Every single exercise you can think of is detailed with pictures, recommended springs and possible risks to the technique. It will allow me to progress above my basic level of training into advanced pilates.

I feel much more confident now working on my own. Wonderful information By Julie A. Fike on Aug 24, As a recently certified pilates instructor I am constantly looking for information to aid in my learning experience. This book is a wonderful tool in my journey. Easy to read and understand I would recommend this to any instructor looking to add to their pilates library. I also like the Pilates props book she wrote. This book was just what I needed and cost less than the cost of a private class.

The author explains the settings of the risers for each exercise and the photos and instructions are clear. I also like that she includes at the end of the book exercise sequences for each level of student. I highly recommend this book. I have one other Reformer book which came with my cert. If you are an instructor or just practicing on your own, this book will be very helpful. Her focus is on classical Pilates, with a simple introduction, nice reference and simple definition of each move.

The photos are critical for explanation and are a great addition for anyone who is "into" Pilates, who is advancing and who want to make the most of their pilates experience. Highly recommend. Best 3 resources By Penny on Oct 10, I teach Pilates in a rural area and find purchasing books for continuing education to be a much more cost-saving approach to the travel and registration expenses of conferences.

Whiteside on Apr 12, Great instructions for reformer use. Well written, with clear instructions and with beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises, this is the only book you need to progress and it is quite clear that Ellie knows her stuff and has well documented training over decades of Pilates.

Fabulous book,quite expensive but well worth the price as it is ageless in the method and use of the universal reformer. Spot on! By Cb on Aug 14, This book is exactly what I was looking for! I especially love the workouts with the pictures all in order! Each exercise is explained very well and once you know them you can just use the chart for your workouts.

I want to blow them up and hand them on the wall! Thank you Ellie! Fabulous manual By M. Sievers on Jun 07, I have researched many other Pilates manuals, and this one gives by far the best information. Most manuals are just superficial and sloppy. Which is strange because the Pilates Method is exactly the opposite. The only reason for that I can think of is that it is a LOT of work to put all the information into a manual like this one. Thanks Ellie,for taking the time!

We Pilates teachers around the country and world thank you! Clear step by step directions, modifications, and explanation of muscles used during exercise, and pictures. Highly recommend this book! Great book!! By Alexis Milligan on May 09, Loved it, you should buy it because it actually gives you the color of springs you need for the excersises and that is so helpful. Especially if you have a balance body machine. Very satisfied. Reformer bible. By Anna Turner on Jun 20, Very comprehensively set out and clearly explained.

This book is beneficial to all Pilates instructors as it details all aspects of performing reformer exercises and explains which muscle groups are targeted. Great teaching tool. Wonderful By Gerri on Oct 01, Arrived way before the expected delivery date. Awesome pictures and detailed explanation of each move. By Amazon Customer on Apr 18, I bought a used pilate reformer machine and this book is perfect. It has pictures, tells you exactly how to do the exercise.

Definitely worth the money!!! Arrived prior to final delivery date. I am a novice and will benefit greatly from this book. Terrific Resource By Gail on Jan 14, This book is extremely well written and is an excellent resource to have if you own a reformer.

This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Ellie Herman Books and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.





Ellie Herman's Pilates Reformer, Second Edition


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