While the first edition presented an Earth effectively identical to the real one, the second presented instead a setting literally referred to as "The World," [2] wherein Abrahamic faiths did not so completely overtake Europe, let alone the rest of the world. As such, other pantheons are still widely recognized and worshiped. The options of player characters has also greatly diversified, with supernatural entities such as Kitsune , Satyrs , and skin-changing Therianthropes , who may or may not claim patronage or descent from a higher power. Even the Scions themselves have become more diverse: instead of being universally blood descendants of the gods, they may now include those who have been chosen by the god gaining their favor either by an affinity of fate or a special bloodline , created whole cloth, or even an Incarnate Scion: a mortal guise of a deceased god in the world. Dragons, unlike gods, exist in hiding and work through Heirs.

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We assume that anyone who uses our website is familiar with the Scion rule set in general. Any sections that have not been rewritten here can be assumed to still run by RAW that the original gameline supports.

It helps you and your storyteller get a general understanding of your character concept, and how they might relate to the world. Step Two: Attributes Attributes begin with a base of one dot, and you may distribute an additional 18 dots as you desire. Attributes may be raised to a maximum of 5 at Hero, 8 at Demigod, and 11 at God. Step Three: Abilities Abilities begin with a base of zero dots, and you may distribute an additional 30 dots as you desire.

Abilities may be raised to a maximum of 5 at Hero, 8 at Demigod, and 11 at God. Step Four: Specialties Specialties represent subcategories and areas of expertise that exist in all abilities. For instance, the athletics ability includes such varied pursuits as gymnastics, weight lifting, or track and field.

A character may have multiple specialties in a single ability, and adds a single success for each specialty that might apply. A doctor with a medicine specialty in both surgery and cardiac would gain two successes when performing heart surgery. Associated Abilities Each God passes on to their children divine talent in six relevant abilities. These are called Associated Abilities, and your character automatically gains one free specialty in each of these abilities at the beginning of the game.

If your character has no mundane dots in an Associated Ability, she does not gain the specialty until she has at least one mundane dot. A Scion character receives 5 birthright dots for free and may purchase more with her starting experience points, or through the course of the game during exceptionally legendary moments.

Birthrights most often come in the form of Guides, Relics, and Retainers. Birthrights may be raised to a maximum of 5 at Hero, 8 at Demigod, and 11 at God. At Demigod this increases to 40, and at God this increases to A storyteller may allow more birthrights to be involved in the story at her discretion but these are destined to be transient in nature.

A Scion receives one free Knack with every dot purchased in an Epic Attribute, and additional Knacks may be purchased with experience points. Purviews and Boons are supernatural powers granted to Scions by their divine parents. To use a Boon, a Scion must possess a Relic that allows access to the Purview from which the Boon comes. A Scion receives one free Boon with every dot purchased in a Purview, and additional Boons may be purchased with experience points.

A Hero receives 10 power points to divide between Epic Attributes and Purviews as she wishes. Each dot in an Epic Attribute or Purview costs one power point, and must be purchased in order. During character creation you may buy up to the second dot of any Epic Attribute or Purview to encourage diversity.

Once you have begun your adventures, any future purchases are limited to a maximum of your Legend - 1. Every god has powerful and mythic associations ranging from incredible strength, canny wits, influence over the dead, or just making it rain. These are called Associated Attributes or Purviews, and as one of their children you inherit a portion of the ichor that runs through their veins.

Once per game, you may activate a knack or boon from one of your Associated Attributes or Purviews and the base legend and willpower cost becomes free. You must still pay for any legend and willpower cost beyond the base.

Step Seven: Virtues Virtues are beliefs of great importance to the various cultures of the world and the pantheons associated with them. You start with three virtues selected from your pantheon to represent the influence of your ichor, and one additional virtue from any source to represent your ego.

Choose one of those virtues to start at 4 dots, a second to start at 3 dots, a third to start at 2 dots, and the remaining virtue to start at 1 dot. You gain a number of virtue channels during a story equal to your rating in each virtue. A virtue channel can be reflexively used to add bonuses to any action, as long as that action resonates with what the virtue stands for.

Hero - Add Virtue Rating as Dice to the current roll. Demigod - Add Virtue Rating as Successes to the current roll. If a situation arises that strongly resonates with one of your virtues, you must decide if you will answer the call or ignore it. You roll a number of dice equal to your virtue rating, and you must spend one point of willpower for every success that you roll. This trait passively increases your resistance to mental assault, and may be spent to power certain Knacks and Boons.

Your starting willpower begins at 5, but you gain an additional dot of willpower up to a maximum of 10 for every dot of Virtue you purchase with experience points. Experience Nobody starts as a blank slate, and your character may have had memorable adventures before or after their visitation.


Scion: Demigod






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