Please note that some of the information in blog is taken from different facebook group and other resources. To fathom the secrets in this book, the reader needs to experience them himself. For that, it is highly essential to have belief, devotion and conviction. Late Shreeman Malladi Govind Deekshit, the 33rd descendent of Malladi Bapannavadhani became the cause to bring this book in reality. The devotees are requested to experience this blessing.

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They had many children of whom only two survived. OnE was lame and the other was blind. They worshiped Lord Datta and never neglected to offer food to mendicants and monks. They looked upon all such as they very forms of Lord Datta. One day, they were doing the yearly observance in their mansion and many Brahmins were invited as guests to the banquet.

Custom maintains that none should eat on that day before these guests share their food. The housewife, with immense faith that the visitor wAs none other than the Lord to whom the whole annual ceremony was being proposed, gave Him food even before the Brahmin guests were fed!

Even before you fed the Brahmin guests, you have fed me food with the full faith that this is the Lord in the pretext of a holy mendicant. The sight blessed her eyes and at once her eyes were blessed by His sweet words. Lord replied Tathastu so be it and went away. Lord Dattatreya, in society to bless his devotees and the righteous ones, wanders around in the guise of a random guest at the luncheon hr.

Then Sumathi told her husband of the Divine vision the Lord had bestowed on her and by his granting her wish for a divine son. Not long after, Sumathi conceived and drove home a male child at the right time. She gave birth to one who is indeed birth-less. This was no birth in the normal sense, the Lord just manifested Himself as a tyke in this household.

As the child has all the Divine features with celestial radiance, he was appropriately named as Sripaad. This was the first embodiment of Lord Dattatreya.

As days and months passed, the child Serenade grew ever more glorious, the age of eight. As per the custom, he was endowed with the sacred thread. Usually, after the sacred thread ceremony a boy has to be developed by a Guru for 8 years before he can learn the Vedas external repositories of Spiritual Wisdom completely. But this boy, Sripaad, started imparting Vedic knowledge to this pupil right from the instant of his Upanyana sacred thread ceremony. It was all a purely Divine miracle.

I am married to sannyaasa renunciation. Speaking thus he sought permission from his parents to become a sannyasi and to pass on the house. The parents were loath to relinquish such a son. Aside from this the other two children were speechless, deaf and blind. IfSripad left his parents, who will look after them in their former age. Sripaad understood their anxiety. What is inconceivable for the Almighty and the master of the world?


Sripada Sri Vallabha

Mogami When this book was the book of saints and devotees of the vibrations of consciousness from him when he reads good vibrations. The first incarnation of Dattatreya Shreepad srivallabha shrivalkabh. I realized, Lord Shripada really cares for his devotees. You have reached your daily pageview limit Register now to get 5 free AppBrain Intelligence pageviews per day. I want charitrameut Sell I want to Buy. Seller assumes all responsibility for the products listed and sold.


श्रीपादश्रीवल्लभ चारितामृत ग्रंथाच्या पारायणाचे फळ

As per some of the experts, he is supposed to have lived from AD to AD. He was born in Pitaapuram. This book of various episodes on the life of SriPada is claimed to be written by One Kannada Devotee Shankar Bhat in the book itself, supposedly contemporary of Sri Pada Sri Vallbha recording his various encounters with miracles witnessed by himself and by those whom he came in contact with. Authenticity of the claims has not been verified.


Shripad Shrivallabh Charitramrut In Marathi



Shripad Shri Vallabh


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