But after reading, I begin to see his point of view every person should have access to legal help and that we are in no position to act as judge and deem the accused as criminals. It is written in plain English - no lawyer jargon, pompous words, just simple and easy to understand English. Also, he shared how he was rebellious in school many funny incidents written in the book. Some of the cases include are Huang Na and tampanies Raja. From his writings, it is hard not to feel his sense of dedication to his craft.

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They lived in the staff quarters within the British naval base in Sembawang until his father retired in the s. But after the first few lessons, Anandan was convinced that he was not meant to be a doctor. Nair, a former minister in the Lim Yew Hock government.

He was released in November on a Police Supervision Order, which required him to stay indoors between 7 pm and 6 am daily and report to the police every Saturday. Anandan was subsequently cleared of the charge. He was acquitted of the murder but was sentenced to 18 years and 18 strokes of the cane on a reduced charge of committing robbery with hurt. He was later convicted of kidnapping two officers at a police lock-up, and was sentenced to life imprisonment and six strokes.

Took was convicted and sentenced to death. Ler was sentenced to hang. Tan was sentenced to hang. Anandan and mother Govindan Pushpanjaly, both deceased.

Surash was one of the crew members who perished when Singapore Airlines flight SQ crashed in Taiwan in He was a well-known national footballer in the s.

Yap, S. Soaring legal eagle. The Straits Times, p. Criminal law titan Subhas Anandan dies of heart failure. Zubaidah Nazeer. The New Paper, p. Retrieved from NewspaperSG. Nadarajan, B. Inside killer minds. Today, p. Lim, L. Veteran criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan dies of heart failure, aged The Straits Times.

Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Editions, p. Call no. Tan, O. Courtroom Raja got a taste of jail. The best I could. Anandan, S. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Editions, pp. Kutty, N. I will go back to law practice after court vacation: Subhas. Lawyer cleared of professional misconduct. Chong, E. Maid abusers. And he defends them all.

Wong, K. Vijayan, K. Top criminal lawyer set to join KhattarWong. He has a few…. Sometimes, I feel very stressed. Death threats, death wish so what. The New paper, p. Chia, D. Loving father lonely killer. Killer to hang. Anthony Ler loses appeal, to hang. Cheng, K. Govindan Pushpanjaly. It is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete history of the subject. Please contact the Library for further reading materials on the topic.


Subhas Anandan, “The Best I Could”

They lived in the staff quarters within the British naval base in Sembawang until his father retired in the early s. But after the first few lessons, he was convinced that he was not meant to be a doctor. He returned home after three months and started his pre-university education at Raffles Institution in In his lifetime, he had handled over a thousand criminal cases involving a wide range of crimes, including murder , rape , domestic worker abuse, drug trafficking and white-collar offences. Known for his sharp and stinging attacks in the courtroom, he was nicknamed "the Basher" [7] within the law community.


The Best I Could



Subhas Anandan


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