He performed great penance tapasya for lord Shiva. Shiva who was pleased with the penance came to him and offered him a boon vara. Lord Shiva known for his love towards the followers agreed and stayed in the stomach of the Gajasura. In the mean time, godess Parvati wife of lord Shiva, who was in kailasam the abode of lord Shiva was getting worried, as her husband was not to be seen for many days. She searched and finally found out that lord Shiva was residing in the stomach of the demon Gajasura.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Katha Once there lived a great demon by the name of Gajasura. Lord shiva was pleased with his devotion and appeared before him. Lord Shiva told Gajasura that he was pleased with his penance and was here to grant whatever Gajasura wishes for. Gajasura after seeing the Lord, recites all kinds of slokas he knows and then wishes that Lord Shiva may reside in his stomach from that day onwards.

Lord Shiva, who is known to be very kind towards devotees readily agrees and stays in the stomach of Gajasura. As Lord Shiva does not return for a few days, Goddess Parvati becomes anxious and starts searching for her husband. After some time, Goddess Parvati finds out that Lord Shiva has granted Gajasura a wish, as a result of which Lord Shiva was residing in the stomach of Gajasura.

She prays to her brother Lord Vishnu and explains him the whole scenario. She prays to Lord Vishnu to help her, to get her husband back.

He himself takes up one instrument and goes to the kingdom of Gajasura. In the city of Gajasura, Lord Vishnu makes Nandi the vehicle of Shiva a Bull dance brilliantly to the music and mesmerize the people of the city. From here and there the news reaches the king Gajasura, who immediately summons the troop and asks them to arrange the show of the Bull dance at his palace. The troop readily agrees and starts the show.

Lord Vishnu makes the Bull to dance to the music, seeing which Gajasura is also mesmerized and in that situation asks Lord Vishnu for anything and he would grant it.

Lord Vishnu reveals that the Bull is none other than Nandi the vehicle of Lord Shiva and has come here in search of his owner, Lord Shiva. So he asks Gajasura to return Lord Shiva. Gajasura realizes that the person to whom he is talking is none other than Lord Vishnu and that his death is inevitable. Lord Shiva agrees and grants the above wishes.

Lord Vishnu then asks Nandi the Bull to tear apart the stomach of Gajasura with his horns. Nandi immediately tears apart the stomach thereby freeing Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva also moves towards Kailasam. The Birth Of Lord Ganesha. Goddess Parvathi plans for a grand reception and also goes to take bath before Lord Shiva arrives. Goddess Paravti asks the boy to guard the door and tells him not to allow anyone inside while she is bathing. The boy stand in front of the door.

Lord Shiva returns to Kailasam and tries to enter ignoring the boy. The boy immediately stops Lord Shiva and says that Lord Shiva or anyone else cannot enter, as it is a order from his mother Goddess Parvati.

Lord Shiva tries to convince the boy in all the ways, explaining him that he is the husband of Goddess Parvathi and the owner of the house, so he should be allowed to pass. The boy refuses. Lord Shiva gets angry at the boy and beheads him and burns the head.

He enters the house. Goddess Parvathi, welcomes her husband, takes care of him and in their discussion, the topic of the boy in front of the house comes up. Lord Shiva explains what he had done.

Goddess Parvathi is filled with sorrow and tells Lord Shiva that the boys was their child and question how Lord Shiva could kill a boy.

Lord Shiva repents for what he had done and consoles Goddess Parvati and promises her that he would bring the boy back to life. As he had burnt the head, and to bring back the boy to life a head is required, so he places the head of Gajasura to the boy and brings back the boy to life. The boy from that day was known as Gajanana. The boy grew up and in the mean time Lord Shiva and Parvati had another son by the name of KumaraSwamy. Kumara Swamy is the commander of the army of Gods. His vehicle is Peacock.

Head of Vighnas Obstacles. Once all the sages and Gods, pray to Lord Shiva and request him to appoint some one as the head of Vighnas. Lord Shiva summons his sons and asks them to decide on who would want to become the head of Vighnas. Both Ganesha and Kumaraswamy put their argument on why each one of them is more capable of becoming the head. Gajanana says that he is the elder brother and hence he should be made the head while KumaraSwamy says that, Gajanana is fat and slow, therefore inefficient as the head.

Lord Shiva finally puts them to a competition and tells them that who ever would win the competetion would be made the head of Vighnas. The competetion is to visit all the worlds and dip in all the holy rivers in each world and return to Kailasam.

Both of them agree. KumaraSwamy, immediately starts on his vehicle Peakcock at high speeds. Gajanana approaches his father and prays to him. You very well know my capabilities of movement, but still you came up with this kind of competition.

I request you to be kind enough on me to give me a advise to win this competetion. Gajanana does the pradakshina to his parents reciting the Narayana Mantra. Because of the effect of the prdakshina KumarSwamy is viewing as if Ganesha has completed the bath in the holy river and returning whenever he reaches a holy river to take bath. KumaraSwamy experiences this at every holy river and returns to Kailasam.

Please forgive me for my ignorance and not recognizing the capabilities of my elder brother Gajanana and please make Gajanana the head of Vighnas. All the sages and Gods congratulate Gajanana and offer him different kind of eatables like Laddu, Undrallu, Kudumulu etc.

Gajanana has them to his stomach full, gives some to his vehicle the mouse called Ananda. Gajanana in the night visits his parents that night with all the food stuff in his hands and his stomach completely filled and which has become like a ballon filled with air. When Gajanana, tries to seek the blessings of his parents, by laying down on the floor Sashtanga Namaskara , because of his stomach, if his head touches the ground, legs point towards the sky and when legs touch the ground his head is towards the sky.

Seeing Gajananas efforts the moon on the head of Lord Shiva laughs. Goddess Parvathi is shattered and extremely sorrow as her son died. She gets angry and puts a curse on the moon, stating that as her son is dead because of Moon, whoever would see the Moon would be charged with false allegations from now onwards. False Allegations on Wives of Sages. At the same time the famous SaptaRushulu or Seven Sages, where circling around the fire pradakshina to fire along with their wives.

The fire God is overcome by lust seeing the wives of the sages. The fire God unable to satisfy his lust over the wives of the sages, as he is afraid that the sages would curse him, was becoming weak and disturbed. Seeing this his wife Swaha Devi, transforms herself as the wives of the sages and satisfies the lust of Fire God. Swaha Devi restrains herself from taking the form of Arundathi. Seeing their wives with the Fire God, the sages abadon their wives.

All the gods and sages, pray to Lord Shiva of the injustice to the wives of the sages and asks him to save. Lord Shiva summons the seven sages and explains them what had actually happened. Satisfied by the explanation of Lord Shiva, the seven sages accept their wives and leave. All the gods and sages pray to Lord Shiva that all these allegations on the wives of the sages had come, because of them viewing the Moon.

All Gods pray to Lord Shiva to reduce the curse or remove the curse, as it would cause lot of problems across all the worlds. Goddess Parvathi seeing her son alive reduces the curse stating that, the curse would be effective only on the day Moon was the cause of the death of their son Gajanana. All the sages and Gods leave Kailasam to their respectie homes and take care not to watch the moon on Bhadrapada Sukla or Sudha Chavithi.

The story of Diamond Samanthaka. Samanthaka Manopakhyanam. Lord Krishna immediately, gets the same announced in the kingdom and passes a order that no one should watch the Moon on Bhadrapad Sukla Chavithi. Lord Krishna, visits the cows shed and starts to milk the cow. Unfortunately, he sees the reflection of the Moon in the milk.

He immediately realizes that he would be falsely alleged for something in near future. Once, a person by the name Satrajittu, visits Lord Krishan. He explains Lord Krishna that, this money would produce eight pound of Gold every day. Lord Krishna, immediately says that, it would be of great use to the king if he posses such kind of a diamond which would give Gold every day.

But Satrajit refuses without second thoughts. Once Prasena, the brother of Satrajit, goes hunting wearing the Samanthaka Diamond. A Lion kills Prasena, thinking the diamond to be meat. The Loin is killed by a Bear, who takes the Samanthaka Diamond and gives it his daughter for playing. In the town, Satrajit accuses Lord Krishna of killing his brother and stealing the Diamond. Lord Krishna, immediately realizes that, this allegation was a result of him viewing the reflection of Moon in the milk on the Bhadrapada Sukla Chavithi.

He decides to clear his name of the allegation and goes in search of the Diamond. In the forest, he finds the dead body of Prasana and finds the foot marks of the Lion. He follows those and reaches a place where he finds a place where a fight has taken place between a Bear and the Lion.

He then sees the traces of the Bear and follows it. Those lead him to a cave. Lord Krishna enters the cave and finds the Diamond tied to a swing in which a girl is playing. Lord Krishna reaches for the Diamond, and the girls is frieghtened and shouts for help.


Vinayaka Chavithi Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu Script



Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha: వినాయక చవితి వ్రత కథ, పూజా విధానం


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