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Page 2: About This Guide Glossary www. All rights reserved. Make The Router has two wall-mount slots on its bottom sure that the wall you use is smooth, flat, dry, and panel. The distance between the slots is mm sturdy. Enable encryption Wireless Security Checklist Encryption protects data transmitted over a wireless network. The default Max Idle Time is 15 minutes. If your Internet connection has been terminated due to inactivity, Connect on Demand enables the Router to automatically re-establish your connection as soon as you The default is 0 minutes, which means one day.

Because it is dynamic, it will change. If you do not have any network or host. Passphrase Enter a Passphrase of characters. The default is Auto. AP Isolation This isolates all wireless clients and wireless Beacon Interval Enter a value between 20 and devices on your network from each other.

Wireless devices milliseconds. Select this feature to enable ActiveX filtering. Deselect the feature to allow ActiveX usage. Cookies A cookie is data stored on your computer and used by Internet sites when you interact with them. Select this feature to filter cookies. To enable a policy, select the policy number from the drop-down menu, and select Enabled. To create a policy, follow steps Repeat these steps to create additional policies, one at a time.

Access Policy drop-down Select a number from the menu. Select the individual days during which the policy will be in effect, or select Everyday. Then enter a range of hours and minutes during which the policy will be in effect, or select 24 Hours.

Specialized Internet applications are any Triggering applications that use Internet access to perform functions such as videoconferencing or online gaming. There are four categories available. Select one of the Click Add to save your changes. Before you upgrade its This section shows the current network information firmware, write down all of your custom settings.

The information varies depending on After you upgrade its firmware, you will have to the Internet connection type selected on the Basic Setup re-enter all of your configuration settings.

Security Displayed here is the wireless security method used by the Router. If you want to Troubleshooting get rid of the prompt, follow these instructions. Launch the web browser and perform the following steps these steps are specific to Internet Explorer but are similar Your computer cannot connect to the Internet.


WRT110 Firmware Upgrade

If you are required to use a permanent IP address to Keep Alive: There are four categories available. Be sure to read about WiFi channels before making the choice. Page 49 Software License Agreement Appendix E freedom and the wherewithal to run that program using a You may copy and distribute verbatim copies of the modified version of the Library. Page 46 Software License Agreement Appendix E If the modified program normally reads commands Accompany it with the information you received as interactively when run, you must cause it, when to the offer to distribute corresponding source code. The last thing you need to change is titled Passphrase.


Linksys WRT110 User Manual



RangePlus Wireless Router


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